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Shea students defend Miller

Students at Shea High School are taking exception to my blog post about Principal Don Miller. A letter sent by senior Patience Adegboyega and signed by the "Shea Raiders" defends Miller as a leader who cares about students. It reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Shorey,

On behalf of the student body at Shea High School, I would like to express our outrage at your recent blog post about our principal, Mr. Donald Miller. Everyone has been told that life's not fair at least a time or two, however, the slander in this article is completely unfair, and most importantly, unjustifiable. Throughout the article you insinuate that Mr. Miller does not care about his students. You state, “He (Mr. Miller) frequently discusses the need for educators to show their students that they care, not to just talk about it.” However, Mr. Shorey, what we Shea Raiders know is that actions speak louder than words and photos in the newspaper. We, the Shea Raiders, know it does not take an article and pictures in a paper to prove that our principal cares.

Mr. Miller demonstrates his love and dedication to all of his students as a father would: not through empty words, promises, or fanfare, but through his daily actions. He is not just proud of our large accomplishments, he is proud of us everyday.

Mr. Miller exemplifies what it is to care as he stands on the front stairs of Shea High School, no matter the weather, and greets us as we arrive at school. We hear how much he cares as he wishes us a great day every morning on the intercom. We are reminded of how much he cares as he checks in on us and reminds us to smile
when we are walking through the halls. We experience how much he cares when he becomes like a father figure to so many of the students. He demonstrates how much he cares when he is present at talent shows, athletic events, award ceremonies, and yes, fashion shows, despite his busy schedule and having his own family at
home. We know how proud he is of us because he makes a point to tell us on a daily basis.

I am sorry, Mr. Shorey, that you feel that because you have not been personally invited to events that are on public record, that this somehow shows Mr. Miller does not care about us. In regards to your statement,“ What a shame for the students of Shea High School," we wholeheartedly disagree. We have been privileged and consider ourselves lucky to attend a high school where our principal demonstrates through his daily actions, not through fanfare, what it truly means to care.

The Shea Raiders

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