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Surveillance photos show me arriving at 6:02 p.m.

Pawtucket school officials have issued their rebuttal to my open meetings complaint about being locked out of the Aug. 8 School Committee meeting. Among other findings to be gleaned from surveillance photos presented to the attorney general's office, I actually arrived at the door of the meeting at 6:02 p.m. and not 6 p.m. as I stated in my complaint.

School officials are basically claiming that the buzzer at the door of the central administration building was working just before I showed up and was still working the next morning. They presented a recording of the meeting (I was previously told the meetings are no longer recorded) proving that the buzzer could not be heard in the meeting (I never thought they did hear the buzzer go off).

The general implication from school attorney Stephen Robinson is that I was not telling the truth when I said that I repeatedly rang the buzzer. He even inserts a line stating that the woman who finally let me into the meeting saw me "making no effort" to either ring the buzzer or pound on the door.

If school officials are telling the truth that the buzzer was working both before and after the period of time that I was locked out, I have no explanation for why it didn't work when I tried to buzz in. As I've since pointed out in a response to the attorney general's office, if school officials have footage of me walking up to the door, then they should also have footage of me pressing the buzzer. If they do have that footage, it was left out of their response.

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