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There's a mouse in the house this Christmas

Not long after my son first learned to talk, he introduced me to his best friends, Silver and Jack. I assumed, at first, that these imaginary mice would disappear after a few days, replaced by a real stuffed animal or a favorite toy. But they lived on, accompanying an imaginative little boy on his daily adventures.

For whatever reason, Jack has faded into the background in recent months, but Silver has turned into a member of our family, coming with us on trips, fixing things around the house, joining us at the dinner table, and even staying up for special movie nights.

It’s become clear as the topic of Christmas comes up more frequently that Silver must be included in everything. When I ask Wesley what Silver wants, he doesn’t even hesitate.

“Silver would like a remote control four-wheeler that’s just the right size for her,” he says.

“How big is that?” I ask.

“About this big,” he says, holding out his index finger and thumb.

Silver could also use a new vacuum cleaner, says Wesley. That too should come in miniature mouse size.

“I’m sure that won’t be a problem,” I respond.

I can’t seem to get Wes to tell me toys he wants for himself. Other than maybe an airport, airplane, and a “ride-on motorcycle” the size of the kitchen, all he really wants is for Silver to be happy with her presents.

Silver’s stocking is already hanging from its rightful spot on the mantel, waiting to be filled with tiny presents. A miniature vacuum my wife found after scouring the internet is on its way from Japan.

As I’ve gotten caught up in the hassles of life, the deadlines, the car repairs, the doctor visits, Wesley’s little mouse, named for the color of her fur, has restored some perspective. Their unlikely friendship has reminded me that it’s OK to pause all the craziness and look at life – and this season – through the eyes of a little boy, and that the innocence of childhood is something to be protected and cherished.

I could tell my son to grow up, or I could poke a little fun at him for believing that there’s a mouse named Silver living with us, but shame on me if I do either. For as many Christmases as Silver lives on, she’ll be a valued member of our family.

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Its really amazing for every father specially When our child fist call father.....Lot of joy and lots of happiness..I cant forget this mommnet.