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Trump: Let's make Cumberland great again

The new Donald Trump parody account, @CTownDonald, is pretty funny. The fake Donald doesn't have a ton of followers yet, but he/she is pretty clever in striving to "make Cumberland great again."

The following is a brief assortment of some of Cumberland Trump's tweets:

• Have heard bad things about next year's freshmen -- I suggest we hold them back! Make the Class of 2020 Gr. 8 Again!

• Parents concerned about their children "hanging at the Rez"-- I told you: we need a BIG, BEAUTIFUL WALL!!

• We're gonna build a BIG, BEAUTIFUL charter school- and the PUBLIC school funds are going to pay for it!

• Rotary on Diamond Hill estimated completion date: 2018? I could build it in half that time. Sad!

• We're gonna build a BIG, BEAUTIFUL WALL! And Lincoln is going to pay for it!

• Confused Tenreiro has done so much good--why associate with a failed president? Sad! (with a picture of Tenreiro and Obama)


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