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What Can You Spare?

Spare some change? Spare some time? Who can't remember the infamous, spare a square episode of Seinfeld. I was thinking about being "sparing" this morning when I used the last tiny amount of hair gel. I was already low, but today I emptied it. As it was getting low, however, I started using the gel sparingly. So it got me thinking, what else do we start to use sparingly when we get low on it? How does this apply to you as a business owner?

Time. That's the answer, the answer to just about everything under the sun when it relates to running a business. Time is often sacrificed for other things. Maybe you sacrificed some family time to stay at work, or maybe you sacrificed some business time for a 1 p.m. tee time. Either way, we never seem to have enough time in our busy lives to accomplish everything we need to do.

There are tasks and projects in your day-to-day lives that absolutely must take priority over others, such as taking care of customers needs, or even more basic items like getting that second cup of coffee to get you through the day. Other projects get left by the way side, and over time (you guessed it) it's forgotten about. That's what I want to focus on here.

Not to overuse this word here, but when is the last time you updated your website? Or maybe the last refresh of photos and key information that will attract potential customers or returning ones? If the answer is anything other than very recently, its TIME to find a new web company.

Did you know that The Valley Breeze designs and hosts beautiful websites? We have helped dozens of satisfied clients over the past few years get their business online and generate new business. We offer our time and expertise. You could continue on with your current setup, or hire us to do all of the grunt work for you. We will build your website with you in mind. We can also make regular monthly updates to your website, so you only need to worry about getting that second cup of coffee in or that tee time with your old college pals, or most importantly spending more time with your loved ones.

If you have five minutes to spare, reach out.

Phone: 401-334-9555, ext.154

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