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What does a 'toxic' political environment sound like?

North Providence Town Councilor Dino Autiello has referred to the local political scene as a "toxic" environment where little is getting done due to incessant battling between his Town Council and the Lombardi administration.

The following clip from a meeting last week illustrates well what Autiello is talking about. Director of Administration Dick Fossa and Council President Kristen Catanzaro are going at it about Catanzaro's treatment of Finance Director Justin Cambio.

The "media" Catanzaro refers to is me. She is referencing a July 9 story I did on the ongoing town budget controversy where I described her telling Cambio that the council knows better than the finance director about the budget because this is only his first year in the town.

Here's the paragraph that helped set off the latest feud:

"Town Council President Kristen Catanzaro said the council knows its numbers better than the freshman Cambio after completing multiple budget seasons. This is a "fiscally sound budget" that cancels Lombardi's 50-cent tax increase and requires the town to "live within our means" even as residents have to, she told The Breeze."

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Please be kind enough to post a link, if one is available, for the "July 9 story" which is mentioned in this story. While you are at it, could you please also be kind enough to post a link to any source reference for Councilman Autiello's comment about "toxic" North Providence politics. Thank you, in advance, for doing this.