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What does your digital showroom look like?

Your website is often the first introduction to your brand. Learn how to make a good impression.

When you think of a great restaurant atmosphere, what do you think of? What makes a good first impression? From the moment a new guest arrives at the front door of any type of business, they are sizing you up. Will they stay for a bite? Probably, since they might be so hungry they won't have the patience to find another place. Will they be back? Hopefully so!

But if the first impression was this: The outside area was dirty and uninviting, walking in there was no one attentive to greet them, they sat down in a not so clean table and chairs, service was slow and the list goes on. We've all been there, and we all have likely never come back. You only get ONE chance to make a FIRST impression.

Breeze Digital Media is here to make sure that your website offers an outstanding, unforgettable first impression. Your website is going to be the first "salesperson" or the first introduction to your brand. How is your website greeting your customers, so to speak. Is it "clean". You might think we're crazy for personifying websites, but we are indeed crazy about designing websites to make outstanding impressions. Here's how we do it.

The first impression process

First things first , let's take your front doors or the front of your building. Your website's Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is like the outside of your building. Not having a great SEO plan is like putting a giant black cloth over your entire building where no one can find you driving down the road. SEO helps uncover your website to people driving down Google lane. No one can or should guarantee search results, so don't pay any attention to those emails claiming "I get you first place in Google". We offer SEO packages that kickstart you in the game however.

Second part of the impression is walking through your front door. So a customer finds you and walks in the door to your website. What are they seeing? Here's what I see, much too often. Las Vegas websites or Wikipedia. Las Vegas websites are the ones that have flashy text and images all over the place and its completely unorganized with images everywhere and there are way too many colors . Wikipedia websites are the ones where they're all about that text, bout that text. Great copy is great, but too much is too much, especially without any visuals, be it an image or better yet a video. Your website needs to be neatly organized and methodic.

Having a nice bold image in the main area, along with a captivating tagline and a call to action button is the equivalent of having a professionally mannered host greeting you with a smile and a "Welcome to our restaurant, I hope you enjoy our delicious food. How many guests tonight?"

Third is how quick they can get in and get out. It really is unfortunate that our personal and work lives are so fast paced that people will abandon a website if it's taking longer than 3 seconds to load. That's a true story and statistic. More frustrating is that 61% of smartphone users will abandon a site (hit back button) if the website is NOT mobile-optimized. While a desktop user most likely has the leisure of browsing through many pages on your website, a mobile user likely does not. Three most common actions taken from a mobile user? Placing a phone call, Getting directions and viewing a menu (or some other service). Why make this hard? Let's place a "Call Us" button at the very top and also provide an easy way to get directions. If you don't , someone else will, and they'll get the business.

So, if your website isn't mobile, or if looks like a Las Vegas flashy road, does that mean a customer won't come to your business or call you? The answer is, actually yes that is what that means. At least that's what Google is saying.

There is one thing we can learn from this. You actually have TWO chances to make a first impression. The first chance is with the website you currently have. Keep it, and make no further attempts. Let us give your website a complete makeover and we'll give you that second chance. We'll also make it count.

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