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What not to say…

Those of you who have ever been pregnant know that some people tend to make really annoying comments, often saying things that they would never dream of saying to a non-pregnant person.

With my lovely wife now carrying our second son, and some of her friends also moving toward their due date, I’ve been compiling a list of some of the most annoying comments said to them. Several are quite common. Enjoy.

• You look like you might pop!
• You’re getting so big.
• It seems like you’ve been pregnant forever.
• Oh, a boy? good luck with that.
• They say girls suck your beauty.
• Just you wait!
• Are you having twins?
• Oh, you have a little pouch.
• They say you’re having a girl if you get big all over.
• You can’t give parenting advice until you’ve had multiple children.
• That baby’s going to be huge.
• You shouldn’t eat carbs at the end of your pregnancy.
• You look tired.
• How much have you been eating?
• Are you sure you’re not further along than you think you are?
• That dress makes you look like a barrel.
• You look like you’re going to drop.

Three bits of advice:

• If it’s inappropriate to say to someone who’s not pregnant, it’s inappropriate to say to a pregnant woman.

• If a pregnant woman is holding an infant, do not ask her when she is due or if you can touch her belly.

• When interacting with a pregnant woman, take a few extra seconds to think before speaking.

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