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Why should I use a CMS

Using an easy Content Management System (CMS)

So you just spent all of this money on a beautiful website. It's gorgeous. It's bold. It's eye-catching. You love it, your customers love it, and of course your mom loves it. That's today. What about in two months from now. Four months. Eight months. A year! How do you keep that beautiful website looking beautiful. There's no digital bronzer or lipstick you can apply here, you just need to add fresh content. Welcome to the world of Content Management Systems, or CMS for short.

Breeze Digital Media builds websites that have a powerful CMS. A CMS in it's most basic form is software that's used for the end user to quickly and easily update the website. Updating the website might be a simple change to your store hours for the season, could be changing out a menu or adding a coupon, or even adding a blog post like this one. There are a number of CMS's out there, and there usually based on which website builder you choose to go with . For instance, if you chose to use Wordpress to build a website, Wordpress itself is the CMS. If you were to use Squarespace, they have their own CMS as well. Breeze Digital Media uses a proprietary CMS that we believe is the strongest and easiest to use Content Management System available.
A CMS allows you, the business owner, to easily make updates to your website on your own, without the need of your original web designer or developer. If you paid a professional to design your website , they likely spent hours building your website from scratch. When it comes time to update your website though, do you need them? They would like to say yes, but really, if you have a great CMS, you don't. It would be like calling your mechanic every time you needed to fill up gas. Maybe the first time you ever filled your car with gas, someone showed you. After that, you got it. Now, with that said, there are some cases where the company who built your website originally may end up making regular monthly changes for you, based on a plan or package you selected. Some business owners just want someone else to handle that part of their business.

If you're a hands on kind of owner, then a great CMS is the way to go. After building a beautiful, stunning, powerful website, Breeze Digital Media will train you on our easy to use Content Management System, so you can have complete control in updating your website. Further, we provide a helpful step-by-step guide complete with screenshots to guide you along in case you get stuck. We give you a link to a support site where you can just type in a question and we'll return a list of how-to pages. Lastly, we also have a youtube channel that has video walkthroughs on the most common updates you'll be making to your responsive website.

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