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You can’t open my car??!! Here, let me do it

Fridays for me are pretty busy days of rushing around gathering stories to write over the weekend. One little hiccup in the schedule, like someone being late to an interview or an unexpected meeting, can really put a crimp on the productivity.

So when I scrambled out of an interview today in North Providence only to find that I’d locked my keys in my car, I was pretty frustrated, thinking it could set me back by hours. The roadside assistance hotline sent two guys to help, and I was pleasantly surprised when they showed up within 30 minutes. I became more confident of a quick resolution when they started to brag about how efficient they are in opening thousands of car doors all over the state.

They got the metal bar with the little hook on it through the door frame easily enough, but things quickly went south from there. For more than an hour I watched as they fumbled and stumbled. I did my best not to let the internal screams escape my mouth. They didn’t want my help, and I was starting to think there might be a hidden camera aimed at me, so I decided to walk away for a while.

Finally, one of them came over to me and sheepishly handed me back the tip I’d given them when I saw how hard they were working at it. “We can’t get it,” he said. “You’re going to have to call your insurance company.”

I looked at him like he’d just eaten my keys. “No way,” I said, taking the bar from him. “Let me try.”

The two of them stood there watching, clearly assuming I had no shot. I twisted the tool back and forth a bit until I had it under the ridge on the lock, then put some pressure and pulled the bar slowly until the lock came up and the door popped open. No word of a lie, the whole thing took about 27 seconds...maybe 28. The two of them just stared in disbelief, muttering something about how this was the one car that had gotten the best of them.

The point of this, aside from entertaining you and bragging about my incredible exploit, is to say that not everything is as complicated as it looks. To regain control of your day, you might just have to get in there and get it done.


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