MY LIFE - It's a pirate's life for me

"If I tell you a secret will you promise not to tell the others?" my daughter Barbara asked. It was less than two weeks before the Porch People (me, my sisters Joan and Bev, my daughters Barbara and... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Mexican Dip recipe is a party pleaser (as long as the avocados are ripe)

LINCOLN - It was a much anticipated day for a 7-year-old boy, the birthday party day had finally arrived. Kenneth Michael Hanson turned 7 on July 8, but due to timing his party being held at Nana and... more

AT THE MOVIES - Dwayne Johnson stars in 'Hercules'

New on the big screen this week is Dwayne Johnson as Hercules, Philip Seymour Hoffman as a spy, Scarlett Johansson as a fierce female, and Michael Douglas as a self-involved real estate agent who... more

SMART MOVES - Hiring contractors without hitting snags

It's rare for homeowners to require major repairs or remodeling to prep a property for sale, but there are exceptions. For example, you might need to replace a leaky roof, overhaul a flawed... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Potty training success at night

Q: Using your advice, I successfully toilet-trained my daughter by age 16 months. It is now three months later and we are still using diapers at naps and nighttime. At her nap, which lasts several... more