MY LIFE - Pajama party

Do girls still have pajama parties? I know they used to be kind of popular when I was a teen. Let me rephrase that. I remember reading about them in books, and sometimes seeing them in movies, but... more

THE RECIPE BOX - It's apple season!

SMITHFIELD - Joseph D'Andrea Sr., now deceased, grew up on the Poleseno Farm on Swan Road, when he was a boy. Joe Sr., his wife Louise, and their son Joseph Jr. began leasing Appleland Farm at 135... more

REEL LIFE WITH JANE - This week's films feature mysteries, mazes and a dysfunctional family

This week on the big screen, Liam Neeson plays an ex-NYPD cop with special skills, some kids try to run through a mysterious maze, Jane Fonda grounds her dysfunctional grownup kids, and Kevin Smith... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - What's the best age to adopt?

Q: We are older parents (65 and 55) who've been doing foster care with babies for some time now. Our own children, 23 and 20, are still living at home. We are now considering adopting. Where a child'... more

SMART MOVES - Keeping it clean for the long-term

Every real estate agent has stories about late-night calls from clients who "just can't take it anymore." They're stressed out by the constant need to keep their property in showcase condition until... more