MY LIFE - ‘Dumb stuff’ happens

It has been my experience that life will flow along smoothly for extended periods of time and then... WHAM...dumb stuff starts to happen. Last week would be a case in point. It all began with the... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Jewish Apple Cake is a seasonal treat

CUMBERLAND – This week’s apple cake recipe brings fond memories to Janice Dion whose mother, Helen, and grandmother always baked it. Unfortunately, it was often their go-to cake to take and drop off... more

FILM UNFILTERED - ‘Keeping Up With the Joneses’ falls flat

One star There’s been some mildly funny films in the past that have dealt with neighbors. Tom Hank’s “The Burbs” in 1989 was one such example and to another degree, even “The Addams Family” in 1991... more

THE BOOKWORM SEZ - 'Ghostland'

“Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places” by Colin Dickey c.2016, Viking $27.00 / $36.00 Canada 320 pages Everything seems a little eerier lately, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s because the days... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - No scientific basis for ‘brain differences’ babble

The new school year is still fresh and “it” has already begun, “it” being the ongoing effort on the part of schools to persuade parents that there is something wrong with their kids’ brains. This... more

SMART MOVES - Breaking into a tough starter-home market

In apartments everywhere, young renters are afflicted with a common anxiety: Whether they’ll ever get off the rental treadmill to buy a home of their own. Rising home prices, sizable student loan... more