MY LIFE - I spoke to Elvis via Ouija board

During a recent get together the subject of Ouija boards came up, triggering not only a fond rehashing of our adventures in dabbling with spiritualism some 40 years ago, but also rekindling a desire... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Freshen up dishes with homegrown herbs

LINCOLN – This week’s recipe is a traditional Sicilian recipe with eggplant, tomato and fresh basil. I have made variations, some call for you to oven-bake the eggplant first while other recipes add... more

FILM UNFILTERED - Young actors carry on the legacy in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

Three stars If you haven’t already had your fill of summertime superhero films yet, fear not because “X-Men: Apocalypse” opens this week. 20th Century Fox, which has held the rights to these Marvel... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Are children, by nature, bad?

True story: I sent one of my more recent books to a radio talk-show host who, in turn, gave it to one of her “readers,” asking him to extract appropriate questions. Said reader, a 30-something year-... more

SMART MOVES - Saving for a house doesn’t have to be hard

Some longtime renters have tried unsuccessfully for years to save money toward their dream of homeownership. What stops them? In many cases the problem is out-of-control spending. “If your goal is to... more