MY LIFE - Holidays are here

Meteorological winter and the Christmas season are both officially here, and for once I am officially ready. Bright and early on the first morning after Thanksgiving, I sprang into action. Off came... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Share Christmas spirit with feathered friends this season

SMITHFIELD – This week’s recipes are for the birds – really! I enjoy my backyard bird feeder that once belonged to my dad. Since he passed away, as a way of honoring him, my husband, Jim, took on... more

FILM UNFILTERED - Coming-of-age movie ‘Lady Bird’ features talented cast

HHHH Last week in my column, I reviewed the movie “Wonder” which dealt with a disfigured boy going into elementary school. This week I review “Lady Bird,” which is about a senior in a Catholic all... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Response to adversity is a matter of choice

In a letter to the editor of the La Crosse Tribune (Wisconsin), psychologist Afton Koball and two colleagues raise objections to a recent column in which I asserted that one can be parented badly and... more

SMART MOVES - The upside of upsizing

If you own a modest house in a metro area where job growth is strong, now could be an excellent time to sell if you’ve ever wanted to upgrade. “The housing market is extremely competitive,... more