MY LIFE - Saturday in the park with Rhea

My childhood was marvelous. Raised in a small town where the environment was safe, the world was my oyster. As long as I promised to stay off the railroad tracks and away from the river I could... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Local chefs discuss honey on TV segment

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Local couple, Malinda Coletta and husband Phil Griffin, of Professor Chef, will appear in a segment of “Naturally, Danny Seo” on NBC Channel 10 on Saturday, April 1, at 11:30 a.m... more

FILM UNFILTERED - Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is absolutely entertaining

Four stars Last summer, Disney had a huge hit with its live action adaption of the classic “The Jungle Book,” grossing just shy of $966 million dollars. Capitalizing on that and continuing their... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Families should not be child-centered

Once again, a reader proves that parenting must be added to religion and politics as verboten subjects for polite conversation. A column I published back in December of 2016 went viral recently – yes... more

SMART MOVES - Take the stress out of applying for a mortgage

No matter your income or wealth, when you’re buying your first home, the mortgage process can seem bewildering. “With so many moving parts, the process is nerve-racking for many folks not in the... more