MY LIFE - My weekend

I love Fridays. The routine for me is up early (as usual), feed the cat, put food out for the three cats who may or may not be feral but who eat here every morning and night anyway, brew myself a cup... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Planning ahead is the key to a successful Thanksgiving dinner

LINCOLN - During the holidays when dinner is at your house, anything you can do ahead of time to reduce stress and have a fabulous dinner table is imperative. Obviously half the chores for a... more

REEL LIFE WITH JANE - McConaughey and Hathaway seek to save mankind in 'Interstellar'

I'm not sure when Matthew McConaughey morphed from actor to icon, but somewhere between 1993's "Dazed and Confused" and 2013's "Dallas Buyers Club," for which he won an Oscar and uttered that now... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Parenting lessons 101

From the I'm Sorry to Have to Tell You Department Parents who say they want to raise kids who "think for themselves" are not being exactly truthful. It's a nice and very democratic thing to say, for... more

SMART MOVES - Tips for cash-strapped first-time buyers

Landlords are now commanding premium rents in an increasing number of popular neighborhoods. That makes it all the more difficult for long-time renters to save sufficient funds to afford the... more