MY LIFE - I finally got it right

Today dawned cold, gray, and soggy, but as I listened to the rain falling my heart sang because I knew that I had finally gotten it right. I had dashed home from bowling late yesterday morning,... more

FILM UNFILTERED - Outstanding cast shines in ‘Gifted’

Four Stars Chris Evans is most notably known for his outstanding portrayal of Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America in the Marvel movies. He has excelled and gained global fame playing the heroic WWII... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Obedience does not turn children into robots

Q: I’ve read enough of your writings to know that you believe children should be obedient, that they should do what they are told. I want my children to think for themselves and to question authority... more

SMART MOVES - Downsizing with boomerang kids

All over America, many boomer-age parents are fretting. To fund their retirement, they must sell the big family house. But downsizing is impossible if one or more grown children have moved back home... more