MY LIFE - Lady of Glencoe

My mother would be so pleased. After years of struggling in vain to make ladies of her daughters, it has finally happened, albeit two years after her death. Joan, Beverly, and I, along with our three... more

AT THE MOVIES - Sluggish 'Transcendence' rarely rises above its stale narrative

** 1/2 "Transcendence" A dated disasterpiece as hollow as it it alarmist, Wally Pfister's "Transcendence" gravely rails against technology, yanking Johnny Depp out of his signature velveteen garb and... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Now's the time to start an herb garden

LINCOLN - Despite a temporary cold snap this past week my thoughts have turned to spring, yard work and the herb garden sitting right below my kitchen window. It is in need of raking. My true... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Is torturing mice typical boy behavior?

Q: My 18-year-old son and a slightly younger friend recently found some mice and decided to dispose of them. They drowned one and set the other one on fire. When I confronted my son for torturing... more

SMART MOVES - Sellers should do the prep work

After spending more than two decades selling RVs, a sales manager in his early 60s wants to retire, buy a big motorhome and take the cross-country trip of a lifetime. To make that dream possible, he... more