MY LIFE - Christmas in August?

My daughter Barbara is a lady of many talents whose daily blog came into existence at the beginning of the year. I just ran across this one (dated Jan. 11) yesterday and thought you might enjoy it.... more

THE RECIPE BOX - The incredible, edible egg

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Malinda A. Coletta and her husband Phillip C. Griffin presented an egg demonstration at the North Providence Farmers Market last week. Malinda specializes in food science and... more

REEL LIFE WITH JANE - 'If I Stay': A story about love, loss and music

I really identify with "If I Stay"- not because of the coma part, but because I was an orchestra nerd (still am) who married a rock-n-roll guitarist. We're going on 35 years, so it all worked out.... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - 1950s vernacular is lost on today's kids

As the old parenting point of view fell out of fashion beginning in the late 1960s, the vernacular that accompanied it all but completely disappeared. Today's parents don't say to their children the... more

SMART MOVES - Making sure the price is right

If you offer your home for sale this fall, would you be doing so in a market that favors sellers or buyers? That will depend heavily on the neighborhood where you live, the timing of your sale and... more