MY LIFE – Switching gears

Fall is here and as of this week I have switched gears, gone in a heartbeat from full-on summer mode and downshifted into a softer, gentler autumnal gear. All summer long and for the first time in... more

THE RECIPE BOX – The secret to the perfect pie crust

CUMBERLAND – Nothing symbolizes the autumnal season like the aroma of a fresh baking apple pie in the oven, those warm gooey juices bubbling with a cinnamon presence. However many attempts to... more

FILM UNFILTERED – Lopez offers strong performance, but ‘Hustlers’ is just OK

HH 1/2 Jennifer Lopez has had a long career by Hollywood standards and has made her fair share of bad films like “Jersey Girl” or “Gigli” but also shone in flicks like “Out of Sight” with George... more


Q: I want to legally change our daughter’s name. No one pronounces it correctly and I think it’s going to cause her more problems as she gets older. My husband doesn’t want to, however. He says that... more