THE RECIPE BOX - The perfect combo: Apple pie and ice cream

SMITHFIELD - He blames the flair for creativity to being one of eight children in his family growing up. Chuck Brailsford was the middle child of the boys and third born in a ten room house in... more

GOLD NUGGETS - Excitement in the eye of the beholder

An online company has decreed that Chepachet is more exciting than Providence, and this is producing some serious derision in the media. Well, sir, this little corner of the media says it's true... more

MY LIFE - A splendid time of year

Rhea is on vacation this week. This column originally ran in Oct. 2003. I find myself mourning the passing of a summer that never truly was and dreading the onslaught of a winter that will no doubt... more

REEL LIFE WITH JANE - Teen horror flick 'Ouija' in theaters just in time for Halloween

We'll call this "Don't Mess With Ouija Boards and Dogs Week." There's nothing light and fluffy on the big screen this week, but we are getting close to Halloween, so there's that. Here's what's... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - Why are kids so anxious?

Since the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, several elementary teachers have asked me why so many of today's kids come to school with anxiety issues. That's a good question, one that I think... more

SMART MOVES - Tips for trading up in the fall and winter

While the real estate market traditionally slows in the fall and winter, that doesn't stop diehard buyers who aspire to a property that's newer, larger or simply more to their liking. Take the true... more