More Lincoln students headed to charter schools

More Lincoln students headed to charter schools

Is 'publicity task force' the answer?

LINCOLN - More Lincoln children have enrolled in charter schools this year, causing a $31,120 tuition increase that administrators had not expected.

Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy now has 113 Lincoln students, an increase of 10 over Lincoln's projections, Business Manager Lori Miller said.

Jennifer LoPiccolo, BV Prep director of external affairs, said Lincoln kindergarten enrollment increased from 23 to 32 students this year, now making up 20 percent of all kindergarten enrollment at the school. Last year, Lincoln kindergarten students made up 14 percent.

Because of that kindergarten increase, LoPiccolo said, overall Lincoln enrollment has increased from 10 percent last year to 12 percent this year.

Lincoln School Committee Vice Chairwoman Mary Anne Roll said at a meeting on Aug. 27 that underestimating BV Prep enrollment could come from overlooking siblings.

"When we lose a student in kindergarten, we're losing a family," Roll said.

She said recruiting students is a charter school model that public schools do not inherently utilize.

"We're not built that way," she said, adding that BV Prep parents "do a lot of work for them" in publicizing the school.

Supt. Georgia Fortunato called the overall increase in charter school enrollment "concerning," and discussed creating a subcommittee task force that could focus on publicity for the district, something Lincoln Teachers' Association President Fred Hoppe said he supported.

He also said the district should "mobilize" and "man phone banks" on charter school recruiting days, and be creative in keeping students, especially 5th-graders.

"We really have to showcase the middle school," Hoppe said.

The Lincoln School Department has budgeted $1,298,000 for 118 students, Miller said, while the actual cost for the 130 out-of-district students is $1,329,120.

The difference equals approximately three tuitions because projections called for $11,000 per out-of-district student, while actual tuition is $10,224.

Charter school enrollment is currently as follows:

* BV Prep - 113.

* Beacon Charter High School for the Arts - 10.

* International Charter School - 3.

* CVS Highlander Charter School - 2.

* The Village Green - 1.

* Rhode Island Nurses Institute - 4.

However, Miller is only counting one of the students enrolled in the Rhode Island Nurses Institute as part of the 130 total charter school students. She is challenging the tuition bills of the other three students because they have enrolled in a 13th year at the school, she explained.


Here's another tidbit of information for the Lincoln School Dept. maybe it's true that if a sibling attends the charter school siblings will follow but what is also true & needs to be looked at is the fact that last year in this wonderful school system we had to deal w/a teacher that should of never been put in front of a class she was incompetent & unprofessional the entire year we had her we had to deal w/this all year & even the administration would not hear us this is why some people are leaving please Lincoln watch who you hire!