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Too busy to run?

Much is being made about the lack of candidates declaring their intention to run for public office by the June 25 deadline. Some are suggesting that the shortage could mean that people just aren't as angry about the state's condition as one might believe. Others say that Rhode Islanders just don't care enough to get involved or have given up on fixing things.

Republican Minority Leader Brian Newberry, of House District 48, suggested on Twitter that many people want to run but are simply unable.

"It is very hard to convince people to run," Newberry tweeted Friday (). "Many who want to simply can't due to family or job."

Cranston City Councilor Don Botts, also a Republican, asked Newberry if a survey has ever been done of the jobs held by General Assembly members, then suggesting that certain vocations, like union official, attorney or retiree, allow more of a chance to get involved. Patrick Laverty noted that the 4 p.m. start time for General Assembly sessions is difficult for most people to make if they work a regular job.

Newberry replied that the current House of Representatives is made up of 20 public employees/retirees, 15 lawyers, 24 private sector workers, six non-profit employees, and nine unknown or retired. He couldn't recall the last one of the 75 House members.

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I would agree with Rep. Newberry, and that is the shame. The working person should be the group most represented in the General Assembly. By 'working group' I only mean those not in the legal profession and NOT public sector/unions. Many of the laws, rules, regulations we affect in RI have a direct effect on the latter.

We need within our Legislature the equivalent of the Federal Hatch Act (Go Ahead - Google it).

And we need it more today then ever before due to the high number of Unionized Public Employees, especially from within the Academic Community and Firefighters; all of whom are more interested in their own selfish, personal, wants needs and desires along with those of their union brothers and sisters - Damn the Cost to the taxpayer and seniors that have to go without so that they can have, and have and have some more!

People I've asked to run for office, just don't want to be bothered and that is on the lowest town level. They care when its convenient.
Its sad really. I'm thinking people just like to complain. Not too many people will stand up and fight instead of complain.