Inspectors have removed 144 signs under new initiative

Inspectors have removed 144 signs under new initiative

Eleven summonses sent for yard sale signs

PAWTUCKET - A new initiative to clean up "posted litter" in the city has netted 144 illegal signs in its first three weeks.

Director of Zoning and Code Enforcement Shaun Logue said in a memo Monday that his inspectors have done the following since he informed the City Council of the effort on June 18:

* Removed 18 yard sale signs without an address from utility poles. Without an address, officials are unable to send a municipal summons.

* Removed 11 yard sale signs containing an address from utility poles. A municipal summons will be sent to each homeowner.

* And removed approximately 115 other illegal signs, including "we buy houses" and "we buy cars" signs, that were placed on utility poles.

For those properties that have been sent a municipal summons, they will now be monitored on the number of yard sales they have. City rules limit residents to two sales a year.

Two zoning inspectors are going out twice a week to remove yard sale signs and other illegal signs, said Logue. He said the enhanced enforcement effort comes in response to a growing number of complaints from Pawtucket residents.

Inspectors are going out on Mondays and Fridays during the summer and fall months to inspect major streets like Newport Avenue, Broadway, and Armistice Boulevard.

City Councilor Mark Wildenhain first requested a tighter enforcement effort in response to a mess of "posted litter" around the city.

Residents are allowed to post a yard sale sign on the side of the road as long as it is not on a utility pole and as long as it is removed within 48 hours of an event.

According to the Pawtucket Zoning Ordinance, signs on utility poles, which may include yard sale signs, are prohibited in all zoning districts. Inspectors will remove the sign and a summons will be issued to the property owner or tenant to appear in Municipal Housing Court. They have the option of paying the fine of $25 for a first offense or $50 for a second offense rather than appearing in Housing Court.


Jaywalking is rampant!
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