One candidate for mayor is out of the running

One candidate for mayor is out of the running

CUMBERLAND - Anthony Silva, who's currently administrator of the Division of Motor Vehicles, says he made a round of phone calls last week alerting friends that he won't be a candidate next year for mayor.

Silva, 57, a former Cumberland police chief who headed up the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy before being appointed to the DMV in 2012, has been mentioned as one of a half-dozen possible candidates for the job that Mayor Daniel McKee is expected to vacate this year.

And he didn't deny his interest last summer when quizzed by The Breeze.

But now Silva is saying the "difficult" decision has been made.

At the same time, he confirmed he will be seeking Town Hall's corner office after he finishes managing an overhaul to what was arguably the state's most detested government agency.

He said this week that running in 2014 "is something I've been thinking about all the time."

Silva, who grew up in Cumberland, says it may sound "corny" but he wants to serve as mayor "for love of the town."

But he "decided the time isn't right yet. It was a very tough decision."

He also revealed he had toyed with challenging Mayor David Iwuc in 2006, but instead, as McKee's campaign manager, helped usher him back into office following his 2004 defeat.

And he says he feels certain that based on the encouragement he's heard, "Linda and I would have been able to organize a really good campaign."

Instead, he'll remain at the DMV where "we've made tremendous strides" toward a complete restructuring of that department.

"I don't want to be known as the guy who quit the DMV," he said.

McKee told The Breeze he's looking toward the end of 2013 as a time when he'll make his future plans known. He has said he'll likely be a candidate for lieutenant governor and has put together, through fund-raisers and loans, some $100,000 on top of the $52,000 in the campaign account that was untouched during the last election cycle that saw him unchallenged.

Most vocal about his intention to replaced McKee is freshman Town Council member Bill Murray, who represents District 5, the Cumberland Hill area.

Also indicating a possible interest so far are: Musician Joseph Silva; District 4 Town Council member Scott Schmitt; School Committee Vice Chairman Jeff Mutter; and former school board member Brian Kelly.

Cumberland pays its mayor $67,800 a year. In a 2012 survey, only the chief executive officers of Richmond, Central Falls and West Greenwich were paid less.


The writer makes a point to quote Mr. Silva saying that his desire to serve as Mayor stems from his "love of the town". Yet, the article ends by apparently pointing out that town of Cumberland does not pay their Mayor enough, according to the writer. Instead of the writer insinuating that the reason Mr. Silva is not pursuing the Mayor's office because of the pay, why wouldn't the writer elaborate on the nobleness of a home-grown candidate running to serve the town he grew up in? The media's "tongue-in-cheek" reporting might be considered keen in the newsroom, but the general public is getting turned off to the idea of every news outlet competing to tell us how we should be thinking about every current event. IMHO. controversial reporting doesn't make a story more interesting...just less accurate. Just print the story and leave the editorial to Tom.

Stuck, you are doing exactly what you are accusing, incorrectly I add, the writer of doing. The writer merely pointed out where Cumberland falls in pay scale. Please don’t put words in the writer’s words.

Again, even if the writer did think Cumberland’s Mayor is under paid it is no where insinuated to be the reason for Mr. Silva not to run. It is clear why he is waiting.

I do agree with your thoughts on news outlets trying to tell the public what to think. It’s just not happening here.

...but, this is the way that I interpreted the story, given the wording of the statement ("...ONLY [4 others] WERE PAID LESS") and that it was the very last sentence in the article, as to make a final point. I have been wrong before and it could be that I am wrong again, but it is my opinion of the content as I read it. Again, it's obvious to me that the media intentionallly sensationalizes such stories in an attempt to try to make them more interesting. To me, news should not be reported as an editorial. Write an editorial on a story if that's your intent, or add it at the end...oh wait.

Mr. Silva and the Governor of NJ should get together. They are both Bullies!!! Mr. Silva has made a complete mess out of the DMV. Just ask anyone off the record who works there. His answer to everything is "It was in place before I arrived" Mr. Super cop when are you going to take responsibility?

You don't want to know as someone who quit the DMV. THe next administration should not give you this option. You should be FIRED!!!!