Records show International Cafe operating six months without food service license; had water shut off

Records show International Cafe operating six months without food service license; had water shut off

LINCOLN - Problems are mounting for Elia Nassios and his International Cafe on Old Louisquisset Pike.

* A records search by The Breeze found he's been operating without a food service license since April.

* His water was shut off for two days in October for failing to pay his bill.

* He's heading for a new hearing before the Town Council over a second alleged incident of serving after-hours patrons, this time in September. That's on top of a fine from an August incident and a Town Council demand that he remove the tint from his windows.

* And he confesses he owes back taxes owed before his town liquor license can be renewed this month.

The food service license comes from the state Board of Health, which indicates his eatery has not been inspected since February.

Nassios told The Breeze his restaurant is indeed open for business because he was unaware that his license, which was issued on July 27, 2012, had expired on April 30.

However, the department routinely sends out two notices to restaurant owners who have not yet paid the $240 license renewal fee for eateries with 50 or more seats, said spokeswoman Andrea Bagnalldegos, one before the license expires and one after.

She explained that on the latest documented occasions health inspectors had been by the International Cafe - on March 20, July 1 and Oct. 16 - the restaurant at 1526 Old Louisquisset Pike was closed, leading officials to believe the eatery had gone out of business.

But as Nassios will himself attest, International Cafe, which opened in September 2012, is still serving.

In the meantime, though Nassios denies it, water to his restaurant was turned off on Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 21 and 22, a woman who answered the phone at the Lincoln Water Commission told The Breeze.

Payment was owed to Narragansett Bay Commission and the Lincoln Water Commission, she said before handing the phone to another Lincoln Water Commission employee, who said they are not allowed to give out customer information.

Police reports also back up the fact that International Cafe has been in operation, with Lincoln Police Department officers citing Nassios twice since the state license expired for being open after hours, in violation of the town's liquor laws.

Nassios received a $150 fine and order to remove the tint from his windows for his first violation, having patrons and staff members in the bar after hours, with drinks served and loud music playing, on Sunday, Aug. 18.

The second incident of alleged after-hours patrons and loud music reported by police on Tuesday, Sept. 11, is scheduled to go before the Board of License Commissioners at a show cause hearing on Nov. 26.

The show cause hearing will take place at the same meeting when all Lincoln businesses are up for license renewal.

On an matter unrelated to the show cause hearing or food service license, Nassios said he has to get up to date on his taxes before the town will renew his license.


If this establishment is not up to date with licensing and inspections, then why hasn't the health department LOCKED THE DOORS?? If the health department does not have the power to close this restaurant, then what is their function with regard to public safety?? If no one is going to be held to any standards, then the enforcing body should be eliminated...or they are to be looked at as a complete and utter JOKE!

Mr. Nassios' track record, everywhere he has ever operated is one of problems, arrogance, etc.

The man has absolutely no respect for any kinds of rules, laws, regulations, etc.

Plus his credibility is in the toilet.....having stiffed many.

It's time to pull his licenses, all of them....and Mr. Nassios' find a new career path!

Go to the restaurant the license is hung up at the bar with an expiration date of 2014 and I love how she states Mr.Nassios said his water was never shut off and the water company couldn't give me the information then how the hell do you know that!This state is ridiculous Megan has wrote three articles in the past three weeks degrading this establishment with absolutely no valid points. What the guy belongs "locked up and throw away the key ", because he stayed open a couple of minutes past 1:00am he all of a sudden becomes a villain. I have been going to this establishment for sometime now and I absolutely love it. The food, staff, owner, and it hurts me to see all this negative publicity getting fired at him with not one thing in this article being true. Look on the Department of Health website all that information is public records if you actually look it up you would see that international café has been inspected more time this year than any other establishment in this area so why not write a article about them.