Christmas comes early this year to B101 radio

Christmas comes early this year to B101 radio

PROVIDENCE - It's all Christmas music all the time - already! - at B101 radio where Cumberland's Bill George, the program director there, says it's not too early to pull Rhode Islanders into the holiday spirit.

It was exactly 50 days before Dec. 25 when, on Nov. 4, morning team members TC and Kristin sent "Jingle Bell Rock" out to a station audience accustomed to tunes from the '70s and '80s.

The comfort songs of the season will continue through Christmas Day, George said.

And the playlist he personally selected won't include any of the weird and offbeat holiday songs. Instead listeners can count on the familiar classics beginning with Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole and more recent favorites from Mariah Carey and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Don't be surprised to hear "The Grinch" interspersed with the softer sounds of the seasons.

George says 80 percent of the songs are the secular songs that America has embraced over the years and the rest the familiar carols.

Suggests George, "After all the ups and downs of the past year, we felt it was a good time to spread some cheer. Besides, with the Red Sox' win last week, it already feels like Christmas has come early." The station hasn't tried this early Christmas music format since around 2008, he said.

George, who's been with the Clear Channel radio network for about 10 years, is also program director for the WHJJ talk radio show on the AM dial and lends a hand to the company's other two stations, 94.1 FM, a rock station, and Coast 93.3 WSNE, adult listening.

B101.5 can also be heard on the iHeart Radio app.


I love this radio station. But I can tell you I wont be listening to it any time soon. What happened to Thanksgiving? They used to start the day after Thanksgiving. This is way too early. Frankly it irks me every time I see a commercial or hear a x-mas song. Lets enjoy one holiday then start on the other.

I switched stations when they began playing Christmas music all the time. I celebrate Christmas, but 2 months of holiday music is just too much.

I'm Surprised this station is still on the air. They play the same 70s & 80s music over and over again. Rhode Island needs a station like 100.7 WZLX or WROR Boston.

When the station first came out, they only played 50`s and 60`s songs. I requested an early 70`s song once, and was told, "that`s from 1971, we can`t play it". This was around 1990. So, they have moved along with the times. I`ve lived in AZ since 2003, but stream them all the time to my stereo.