Police issue 14 tickets, tow 10 cars in first storm under new rules

Police issue 14 tickets, tow 10 cars in first storm under new rules

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Town police had 10 cars towed and cited 14 residents overall during the first snowstorm under strict new parking rules last Saturday.

Lt. John Anzivino said there were “fewer cars than usual” on the roads during the first snow ban of 2017 after Mayor Charles Lombardi told residents, as reported in The Breeze last week, that officials would no longer be giving second chances to those flaunting the rules.

In the four cases where residents were cited and not towed, the car owners came out when they saw that they were about to be towed, said Lombardi. Anzivino said at least some officers attempted to contact owners to move their cars even though they weren’t required to.

“By right, we can just go in there and tow them,” he said.

Anzivino said that Lombardi’s edict that “we’re just going to tow them” appeared to be effective in preventing people from parking on the street, allowing plow drivers to remove snow quickly and efficiently. More cars were towed in this storm than the typical storm, he said.

Public Works Director Bernie Salvatore said police were active early on in getting cars off the street. It was clear by about 4:30 a.m. Saturday that residents had gotten the message and most cars had been moved, he said.

There were “not many complaints at all” about the plowing effort overall, said Salvatore, and the roads were in “really good shape” by first thing Sunday morning.

“The guys from the DPW and the contractors we brought in did an excellent job,” he said.

A number of residents did complain in online forums about roads not being plowed from curb to curb on Saturday. Some said plows didn’t even reach the areas of streets where the cars would have been parked anyway.

Just two people come to the Department of Public Works to complain about their vehicle being towed, said Salvatore. He reminded those people about the Breeze story, and they told him that they still would have wanted an official 12 hours or 24 hours of notice to move their cars.

“I told them, ‘When the article goes into The Breeze, it’s kind of official notice,’ ” he said. Other news outlets also broadcast that the ban was in place, he said.

Whether notice is given or not, said Salvatore, people can tell that it’s snowing and they should be moving their cars.

Salvatore said the new rules helped free up staff from having to go out and waste time getting people to move their vehicles. The town typically sees the “same abusers” leaving their cars on the street during snow, he said.

“Last week’s story got their attention,” he said. “We only got a dozen or so calls.”

Lombardi also hailed the work of police and DPW workers in getting the streets clear of cars and snow. As for the people whose vehicles got towed, he said, “Hopefully they’ll be more cooperative next time.”

Lombardi said he didn’t receive a single call from anyone who was dissatisfied about the response to the storm. He said most roads were down to the pavement by 8 or 9 a.m. on Sunday.

Lombardi and others charged with inspecting plowing operations also now have plows on the front of their trucks, the mayor said, allowing them to take care of certain issues instead of having to send plow drivers back out.

Also helping the snow removal effort was the fact that “the snow came at the right time” on a Saturday, said Lombardi.

“We had all day to catch up,” he said.


The mayor wants to start towing vehicles? He sure knows how to piss people off.
I'm still waiting for the town to pick up my Christmas tree, which has been at the curb for the second week now. It should have been picked up by now. This is why I pay my taxes? Maybe I should leave it on the steps of the town hall? After last night's wind storm, it's now in the street. Maybe the mayor will have it towed away.

The driving was pretty difficult during the storm, roads were not being plowed until after the storm in most places. Not sure what our plowing trucks look like other than a pickup truck. Must not have been enough snow for the big trucks.

I took pictures of my street. Snow was 2 feet from the curb on both sides! I guess that's what the mayor calls EXCELLENT PLOWING!!! Room enough for 1 car to pass at a time. I'll take some of my TAX money back if every storm I have to clear my own street to the curb! What about it Mr. Mayor?

good ole grarnold is pulling his "facts" from natures pocket. The plows were out from the early afternoon on until past midnight, yes even the big ones. Maybe its a conspiracy and the Mayor doesnt like you guys. That could be it couldnt it you guys,yeah the Mayor is out to get ya. All the roads I was on Sunday around 9 am was down to pavement with the exception being areas that were shaded by trees and buildings or otherwise not exposed to direct sun. Its nice that one time of year at Christmas when grarnold has an out of body experience and is actually nice on these boards,

Hmmmmm......just curious how the roads in Narragansett were. Oh wait, let's just ask the mayor seeing as that's where he REALLY lives.

a pretty serious charge allabout. You can prove this??

Esther Drive and Barbara Ann drive wasn't plowed till 8:20PM glad I wasn't trying to come home from work I would never been able to get up the hills.

you could back up that accusation doesntknowthetruthifitbithim