Election 2016

Here are some guidelines for political candidates in 2016:

Below are our news (editorial) services. They are free services to declared candidates. Please note earlier deadlines for our Pawtucket and North Providence newspapers.

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Letter to candidates from Editor Marcia Green Click Here.

Q. How do I provide my biography?

A. Complete and return this form: Candidate Information Form

Q. What about sending in press releases with my views?

A. We're happy to get out the word on candidate viewpoints but will restrict these to the final four weeks before the primary and regular election.

If you are in a contested primary, you may send in press releases for the issues of Aug. 17/18, Aug. 24/25, Aug. 31/Sept. 1 and Sept. 7/8.

If you have no primary election opponent, or if you are the primary winner, press releases in advance of the November election will run in issues of Oct. 12/13, Oct. 19/20, Oct. 26/27 and Nov. 2/3.

Q. How much may I write in my press releases?

Your press releases must be short - 250 words. Readers will appreciate having you get to the point succinctly and truly will be more likely to read them. We will cut them to that size if needed. Please don't quote other people in your press releases.

Q. What are the press release deadlines?

The deadline each week is Monday at noon. but earlier is preferred. Any which arrive after noontime will be processed as time permits with no guarantees.

The deadline for our Pawtucket and North Providence newspapers is Monday at 9 a.m.

Q. What about letters to the editor?

A. Candidate letters to the editor will no longer be published. Supporters' letters on behalf of a candidate may run occasionally, depending on the issue. For example, a thoughtful letter from a PTO president identifying which school board members he/she supports might find its way into the paper.

Q. How should press releases be submitted?

A. By e-mail only to news@valleybreeze.com

In terms of other coverage, we will be writing about each of the races at least once and we will run information about each candidate in the Wednesday/Thursday papers before each of the election dates. We rely on the bio forms to complete those, so please be sure to get it into our hands ASAP.

Q. What about my picture?

A. We suggest that you get a photo taken professionally but we will be happy to do it for you at our Lincoln office weekdays. Please call our office in advance to make arrangements, 334-9555, ext 122.

Q. Anything else?

A. If you'd like to e-mail us about where you'll be on election night, with a cell phone number, that would be appreciated.

Q. How do I reach you?

A. We've relocated to 6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 204, Lincoln, RI 02865

Blackstone Valley Place is just off Route 116, between Route 146 and Lincoln High School. There is a sign for 6 Blackstone Valley Place, an office park. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 401-334-9555, ext. 139
Fax: 401-334-9994