Remember the victims of Pearl Harbor

Remember the victims of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on a peaceful and picturesque Sunday morning, at 7:48 a.m., Dec. 7, 1941, a horrific event triggered our nation’s entrance into World War II.

As President Franklin Roosevelt stated, a day “that will live forever in infamy.”

Approximately 2,400 perished and 1,200 were wounded that fateful day.

In the years that followed, families were shattered, as loved ones returned home either as casualties of war, or not at all.

This year on Dec. 7, kindly take a moment to either pause and utter a silent prayer, or attend a local ceremony to reflect upon and honor those who lost their lives in Pearl Harbor that day.

And remember our veterans in the years that followed, and those serving at present and in the future.

Also, let us always keep our prisoners of war and those missing in action in our thoughts.

God bless the victims of Pearl Harbor.

Bob Ferry

Central Falls