Officials expecting redevelopment of Narragansett Park Plaza

Officials expecting redevelopment of Narragansett Park Plaza

An aerial view of the former Stop & Shop building located in the northern part of Narragansett Park Plaza.

PAWTUCKET – The long-vacant Stop & Shop store at 675 Beverage Hill Ave., on the Pawtucket/East Providence line, appears to be drawing interest as part of a larger planned redevelopment project.

According to city officials, the period of time Stop & Shop paid for exclusive rights in the Narragansett Park Plaza recently expired. The owner, Amalgamated Financial Group, is now seeking a zone change for the property from general commercial and industrial open to general commercial with conditions.

The request has been sent to the City Council’s ordinance subcommittee, said Chairman Terry Mercer, though there is no definitive date yet when it will be considered.

Mercer said he’s heard rumors that Market Basket is planning to move into the space as part of a broader plan to redevelop the sprawling shopping complex. He said the company would also need approvals on the East Providence side of the plaza.

Jim Carter, representing the real estate division at Market Basket, said he couldn’t comment on any plans the company may have to move to the plaza. He was also asked about plans to open the supermarket chain’s first store in Rhode Island.

“We’ve discussed it but haven’t made any commitments on it yet,” he said.

Development of a new Market Basket at 675 Beverage Hill Ave. would put it less than three miles from an existing Market Basket store at the Bristol Place shopping plaza on the Pawtucket/South Attleboro line.

Kerin Browning, of Moses Afonso Ryan, which is representing Amalgamated Financial Group, did not respond to requests for comment.

The Narragansett Park Plaza is located in both Pawtucket and East Providence. The front of the former Stop & Shop building is located right on the line.

According to Amalgamated Financial Group’s application to the City Council, the allowed uses for the property would continue to include everything now allowed in general commercial and industrial open districts.

The following additional uses would also be permitted, if the application is approved:

Dormitories, residence above first-floor business use, trade or business school, cultural, hospital, lodge/fraternal organization, state agency, adult day care, banquet facility, breweries and brew pubs, catering service, commercial recreation, consignment shop, day spa, drive-in restaurant, electric vehicle charging station, full-service fuel station, garden center, kiosk, live-work loft space, medical/diagnostic lab, music and dance studio, night club, outdoor retail, nightclub, pawn shop, arts and crafts manufacturing, data processing facilities, recreational membership club, restaurant exceeding 2,500 square feet, general automotive repair, wholesale commercial, wholesale business and storage, retail outlet, mini storage, and any accessory use customarily incidental to a main use permitted in the district and located on the same site and the same zoning district.

The maximum height for building on the property would be 40 feet.