Lombardi's car non-payment really a council power grab

Lombardi's car non-payment really a council power grab

It's "Charley's way or the highway." Mayor Charles Lombardi has delayed paying for three new police vehicles and fostering moving the Police Department into the 21st century for political control of the North Providence Town Council. (See Ethan Shorey's Valley Breeze story of last week, "Mayor waits on new council to resolve Google standoff"). To quote Mayor Lombardi, "I'm hoping maybe with a change in the council majority..." He spent a lot of time defeating John Lynch and is now working to defeat Alice Brady, hopefully to control the council after his November election. If North Providence voters/taxpayers give "Charley Power" control over the council, no checks and balance, then "Charley Power" will reign.

Elections are a peaceful means for control of government, however the winners should adhere to a democratic process. Charley has shown time and again his dictatorial way of governing. Charley has forced a hold on the allocation of Google money since May 2014 and spent the time campaigning to get control of the council. Did you get a call or visit?

In July he purchased three new police cars that have not been paid for. This past week he has made a grand stand - political posturing to make the council the blame for non payment and non use of the vehicles. Charley has $84,000 budgeted for new vehicles that he can use until the Google funds are resolved. However he is using their nonpayment as an issue to wrestle control of the council this November.

The mayor presents his town financial budget to the council every year for council approval. This is the way we taxpayers have a chance to voice our opinion on the proposal; an assurance we are getting a fair deal. The allocation of the Google windfall must follow the same process to protect the taxpayers.

The Google distribution of funds must be the primary recommendation of the North Providence Police. They present their needs to the executive branch, the mayor's office. The mayor then should submit his recommendations to the legislature - the council - for approval. The taxpayers should have a chance to voice their opinions to the council and the mayor. Then the process of consensus begins. Charley's Power of dictatorship has no place in North Providence.

I ask, no I beg the voters of North Providence to re-elect Alice Brady to keep the council from being controlled by Charley Power.

Joe (the Barber) Muschiano

North Providence