Klimaj: Fox ally Marcello did nothing to question 38 Studios deal

Klimaj: Fox ally Marcello did nothing to question 38 Studios deal

In a recent mailing, State Rep. Michael Marcello attempts to distance himself from his 38 Studios vote, which authorized the $75 million loan guarantee that we are all paying. His support of former Speaker Gordon Fox and the funding for 38 Studios is indisputable.

Representative Marcello was a close ally of Speaker Fox and the record clearly shows that he did nothing to question the appropriation that was earmarked for 38 Studios.

As Speaker Fox's hand-picked chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he never requested any subpoenas to uncover the truth behind 38 Studios. Only after current Speaker Nicholas Mattiello wisely replaced him as chairman of the House Oversight Committee has the truth on 38 Studios been revealed.

Representative Marcello is now claiming he recently voted not to fund the second debt service payment. Perhaps he has buyer's remorse.

More likely, he is protecting his political backside from the pressure emanating from the voters like you and me who are fed up with insider deals that he supported.

Unfortunately, no matter what excuses Mr. Marcello is offering, we all have to pay the price. The money squandered by him and his State House cronies will now be sent to Wall Street instead of funding our kids' education, badly needed road repairs, and relief from the pension debt that is smothering our state.

Let's not be distracted from the truth. We wouldn't have to pay the 38 Studios debt if Mr. Marcello and his friends were doing their job when the initial vote to give the gift to 38 Studios was taken.

Mr. Marcello is shamelessly demanding that we return him to the legislature and reward him with a vote of confidence for a job well done.

I am confident that the voters have had enough. On November 4, they will tell Mr. Marcello to keep his day job as a lawyer, instead of recklessly deciding our collective fate on Smith Hill.

Dr. Scott Klimaj

Chair, Republican Town Committee Scituate