Dube thanks voters, asks for continued support

Dube thanks voters, asks for continued support

PAWTUCKET - Erin Dube, a Democrat running for Pawtucket School Committee, says she is thankful to all the Pawtucket voters who supported her in the September primary.

"Throughout the primary campaign, I was encouraged to meet so many Pawtucket residents who were receptive to my ideas about moving our schools forward," she said in a news release.

With a daughter in kindergarten and another daughter who will start school soon, Dube she is "invested in making our schools in Pawtucket a model for why public education is great," and believes that her background as a public school teacher and as a seminar instructor for first-year teachers provides her with a "unique perspective about what our schools need to be effective."

During her campaign, she has advocated for three main initiatives:

* To see schools better connected to the communities that they serve. As she says, "we need more transparency and communication with both parents and stakeholders, making sure that all feel welcome at school committee meetings."

* To be a voice for hands-on, experiential learning in the classroom, believing that "standardized tests have driven our curriculum increasingly away from real-life skills."

* And to fix our "crumbling school buildings" to ensure that all students in the district have a "safe environment to learn in."

Dube is asking voters for continued support in the general election Nov. 4.