Archambault spearheads legislation to protect children from sexual predators

Archambault spearheads legislation to protect children from sexual predators

SMITHFIELD - In a recent press release, state Senator Stephen Archambault, D-22, who is running for re-election, said that he wants to highlight his "successful effort to put in place new protections for our children from sexual predators."

Archambault said that he was the Senate sponsor of a new law to create "child safe zones" to prohibit any facility that provides programs or services intended primarily for minors from employing a registered sex offender.

"This new law also prohibits any offender from owning or operating any entity that is a child safe zone," Archambault said.

According to the press release, those found in violation would upon conviction be guilty of a felony and upon conviction be subject to imprisonment for up to five years and a $5,000 fine, or both.

Archambault said, "This law provides important new protections designed to keep sexual predators away from our children."

The law requires facility operators to affirmatively inquire as to the sexual registration status of potential employees and bans those who are under a duty to register as a sex offender from employment in, operation or ownership of facilities that are now defined as "child safe zones," according to the press release.

To gain adoption of this new child protection law, Archambault said that he worked closely with Representative Mia Ackerman and Attorney General Peter Kilmartin.