Seniors invited to sign up for shoveling help

Seniors invited to sign up for shoveling help

PAWTUCKET - Falling temperatures are a reminder that snow season is just around the corner. Officials say that for many seniors, shoveling snow can be a stress on their physical capabilities or not advisable for various other reasons, but many seniors may not have anyone they can rely on to remove the white stuff.

The Youth to Senior Assistance Program, coordinated by city Seniors Liaison Beth Roberge and Pawtucket School Department Supt. Patti DiCenso, is available to help.

Roberge and DiCenso have started contacting local students, churches, and other organizations to recruit youths to volunteer for the task of shoveling walkways, sidewalks, and driveway frontages that abut public roadways, but not the driveways themselves.

According to Roberge, now is the time for seniors who can use the assistance to get on the list and be assigned a volunteer by contacting her at City Hall at 401-728-0500, ext. 241, or by email at

The service will be provided on a first-come basis depending on availability of volunteers. Parents or guardians must sign a permission slip.

Roberge is urging seniors to call her as soon as possible and not wait until the first snowfall. She is reminding them that even though they may have signed up for assistance in the past, they will be required to sign up again this year if they wish to receive help.

According to the city snow removal ordinance, snow must be removed from sidewalks no more than 12 hours of daylight after a storm has ended, subject to fines of $25 for a first offense.