Archambault: Power brokers won't help us

Archambault: Power brokers won't help us

Lauri Archambault, an independent candidate for Senate for District 23 representing Glocester, Burrillville and North Smithfield, said that the power brokers currently in the General Assembly will not help the state avoid another 38 Studios situation.

"We've all asked, 'Where are our tax dollars going?' 38 Studios showed us how inept or corrupt our state government is," said Archambault. "It's time to say no more. The legislature has a few power brokers and many enablers that want to keep their political careers, with all the perks, perpetuated. They are not going to help us."

"We must get to the bottom of the 38 Studios scandal, ensure that it never happens again, punish those responsible and completely rethink economic development," she added.

"People are wondering: Should we pay the bond or not? Will it hurt our credit rating or ability to borrow? The power brokers that created this mess are telling us that we have to pay; not the insurance company that we paid $500,000 plus to guarantee that neither the bond purchasers nor the taxpayers would be left holding the bag if this rated bond failed," Archambault said.

"Here's an analogy: I smash your car and cause $10,000 in damage. Am I going to call my insurance agent and say 'I just smashed somebody's car causing $10,000 in damage but the company doesn't have to pay even though my premium is paid because I'm a nice person?"

"We won't get fooled again."