A ‘fake town meeting’ to grab school funds?

A ‘fake town meeting’ to grab school funds?

“Can you believe it?,” as the radio voice of the Red Sox would say on just seeing an incredible play.

Well, Lincoln, can you believe it? Our leaders want a special FTM (fake town meeting) in hurry-up fashion on Oct. 1 to ask the handful of voters who would show up to move $1.4 million from a $3.4 million restricted Town Casino fund to cover the already over-budget school renovation project, what I call Lincoln’s version of Boston’s Big Dig debacle of years ago?

Why have this phony vote on Oct. 1st when the general election is in November and thousands of Lincoln voters could act on this question, rather than a few hundred? I know the answer – “fake town meeting”.

A year ago, Lincoln town officials were throwing around bond numbers going from $50 million to $66 million, not knowing what to settle on, so they threw a dart on the bond board and came up with $59 million. Then they rounded it off to a nice $60 million. What’s a million here or there when they are dealing with taxpayers’ money?

Remember that this $60 million bond question did not go to a general election because town officials could not wait until this November, so they had a special election last November guaranteeing a very low voter turnout. Town officials claimed a “fake landslide victory; 9 percent (1,665 voters) out of over 17,000 eligible voters voted for this school bond. They should find somewhere to cut in the approved $60 million bond which is already over-budget.

It was just recently reported that the Lincoln Town Council with legal advice said it was OK to increase a $40,000 school contract with Symmes, Maini and McKee Assoc. to $4.3 million, a 10,000 percent increase, without going out to bid. It is no surprise that this school bond boondoggle is over-budget.

The new sport book at the Lincoln’s Twin River Casino will bring in $25 million yearly for the state and owners; Lincoln accepts $100,000 chump change on bended knee. No wonder Lincoln is referred to as a casino with a little town attached to it.

Lincoln taxpayers recently were levied a 2 percent tax increase, while town officials reported we have $7.3 million in town surplus, $1.4 million in school surplus and $3.4 million in the casino reserve account.

Lincoln, don’t question the status quo, because you are told everything is fine and dandy as the casino takes your candy.

Barbara Cullen