This woodchuck runs on Dunkin’

This woodchuck runs on Dunkin’

Cumberland’s famed woodchuck, photographed by resident Aja Maccarone as she passed through the drive-through last month of the Dunkin’ Donuts at 3781 Mendon Road, indulges in a morning jelly-filled doughnut.

CUMBERLAND – Somewhere along the line, someone in this woodchuck’s life forgot to tell him that his primary diet should be beans and peas raided from a local garden.

A woodchuck with a taste for doughnuts – particularly ones filled with jelly – has become a regular at the Dunkin’ Donuts near Andrew’s Bistro on Mendon Road, where other customers are getting quite a kick out of his eating habits.

“He seems pretty comfortable hanging out,” said Aja Maccarone, a Cumberland resident and customer of the coffee shop.

Maccarone said she can’t tell if the woodchuck is getting fatter with time, but she would guess it probably is. She did note that she only sees the animal eating one doughnut at a time.

The doughnut-eating rodent is a regular visitor to the grassy area across from the drive-through window, staff members confirmed. Dunkin’ Donuts employee Jamie Gerlach said everyone knows the woodchuck.

“They love seeing him as they’re going through the drive-through,” Gerlach said.

The theory is that there might be a few woodchucks living under the nearby tree line, said Gerlach, but this particular one seems to be the boldest of the bunch.
And yes, she confirmed, while he’ll eat any type of doughnut in a pinch, his clear favorite is the jelly doughnut.


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Send in Carl from Caddyshack to deal with these thieves of tasty treats! Is there no end to the madness? Must have been a slow news day.. As one gopher said to the other.." I always look straight ahead, its my tunnel vision"...

What an amusing and witty article! Does someone just toss him a donut or leave it on the grass? And how long has he been doing this I wonder. Cute story, loved it.