St. Joseph Seniors list events, winners

St. Joseph Seniors list events, winners

WOONSOCKET - St. Joseph Senior Citizens Club announces the following events: turkey dinner, Tuesday, Oct. 28, noon; meatloaf dinner, Tuesday, Nov. 25, noon; Christmas party at the Coachman, Sunday, Nov. 30, noon.

A trip to Foxwoods is planned for Thursday, Nov. 20. Those interested can call Fran Roy at 508-928-1295.

A trip to Indian Head will be held on Dec. 7-8. Interested persons can call Muriel Dugas at 401-405-3876.

Door prize winners at the Oct. 14 meeting were Helen Mumbord, Lorraine Chartier, Margerite Deragon, Connie Lefebvre, Lionel Charpentier.

Raffle winners were Gloria Belnap, Roger Durand, Evelyn Martin, Ann Verfaille, Margarite Deragon.

Celebrating their 44th anniversary were Richard and Millie Plath.

The nominating committee for the election of officers to be held on Oct. 28 are Barbara Charpentier, Pauline Deslaurier and Michelle McDonald.