RI Taxpayers urges rejection of spending bond questions

RI Taxpayers urges rejection of spending bond questions

WEST WARWICK - The advocacy group RI Taxpayers is urging "reject" votes on all bond questions on Nov. 4.

In a press release, the groups says, "Referendum Questions 4 through 7 on the ballot propose $248 million in borrowing for a wide array of projects around the state. This is money that must be repaid with interest by Rhode Island taxpayers." RIPEC reports that, per capita, the state ranks fourth highest in spending on general debt interest and has the 10th highest debt nationally.

"We already carry the eighth highest state and local tax burden in the country," RI Taxpayers President Larry Girouard said. "Now factor in a state budget deficit that ramps up to over $400 million by 2018. Where is the capacity to repay $248 million plus interest?"

"Unfortunately, after decades of high borrowing and bad budgeting, we're past the point of considering the merit of individual bond projects," RI Taxpayers spokesperson Monique Chartier states. "To put it bluntly, the taxpayers' credit card is maxed out. Taxes need to go down, not up. To make that happen, we need to stop borrowing and start cutting. We urge voters to vote "no" on these bonds as a very good first step in the right direction."

RI Taxpayers is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that lists its mission as "To advocate for honest, effective, and fiscally sound government on behalf of Rhode Island taxpayers."