Democrat supports Metivier in District 1

Democrat supports Metivier in District 1

As a resident in Cumberland's District 1, I wanted to write in to express my concern regarding the Town Council race in my district. In the past, we have been represented by Manny DaCosta, who has been a great town councilor.

In his place, we have been given a choice between a college student who is studying government at RIC, and an independent. I have looked into both candidates, and I have to say that I strongly urge my fellow Democrats in District 1 to vote outside the party this time and to give their vote to Jim Metivier.

Jim is a long-time resident of District 1 and knows all about the issues facing us today. Unlike his opponent, Jim has the business experience necessary to handle our complicated budgetary and property tax issues.

Don't be fooled by the 'D' this year, my fellow Democrats. Make the right choice and vote for Jim Metivier on Nov. 4.

Brian Rusin