NP's Crossley-Aiello is Audubon Volunteer of Year

NP's Crossley-Aiello is Audubon Volunteer of Year

North Providence resident Kathy Crossley-Aiello, left, receives the Audubon Society of Rhode Island Volunteer of the Year Award from Audubon Director of Volunteer Services Jon Scoones.

SMITHFIELD - North Providence resident Kathy Crossley-Aiello was honored as Volunteer of the Year by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island at the society's annual meeting on Oct. 19. She was recognized for her dedication as a volunteer and strong commitment to Audubon.

Crossley-Aiello began volunteering for Audubon in 2012. She has served in a number of volunteer roles for the environmental organization, including receptionist, nature shop staff member, exhibit naturalist, trail guide, and osprey nest monitor.

"Her passion, however, is in caring for the Audubon animals that are used as nature ambassadors in environmental education programs for children and adults," states a news release from the Audubon.

"Turtles, snakes, a salamander and Madagascar hissing cockroaches are a few of the creatures she cares for. She is meticulous and detailed when it comes to cleaning, feeding, and enriching the animals' lives. Audubon's animals are in the hands of a dedicated volunteer and true animal lover."

Volunteers form the "backbone of Audubon," states the release, and the society applauds Crossley-Aiello "for her dedication to the Audubon Society of Rhode Island and our environmental mission."

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island is an independent not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection of birds, wildlife, and their habitats through environmental education, advocacy, and land conservation.

The state's first environmental organization, the society now protects nearly 10,000 acres in a network of refuges, pristine properties and wildlife habitats.

It is one of the largest private environmental educators in the state, and in 2013 staff, taught approximately 22,000 students across the region.

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