TOM WARD - Visitor website shouldn’t have wasted three years

I won’t go straight to my concern that, once again, the state of Rhode Island had to find an out-of-state company to do our work, and no local art/marketing/digital talent (apparently) was good... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Clean up Board of Elections

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I have a soft spot for the Rhode Island Board of Elections. My father was on it at the time of his death. Then-Gov. Dennis J. Roberts appointed my mother to fill out his term of office. I remember... more

Letters to the Editor

What were we thinking with City Hall tower OK?

The election may have produced, among other things, a real “only-in-Rhode-Island” moment. You decide. In Pawtucket, where virtually all political candidates for local and state office are always... more

Lift embargo, give Cuba a chance

With the death of Fidel Castro, the United States should rethink the embargo levied against Cuba. For far too long, Cuba has been in a state of a paralysis because of the Cold War era sanctions.... more

But we do know what lies in Pence’s heart

I’m writing in response to (Publisher Tom Ward’s) opinion piece “Pray for our country’s post-election harmony,” published in the Nov. 23-30 Valley Breeze. I must respectfully disagree with your... more