TOM WARD - Vote first, then we will study police department

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It’s interesting that Rhode Island State Police, asked to investigate the the North Providence Police Department’s “dysfunction,” (as charged by Lt. Dennis Stone, president of the Fraternal Order of... more

ARLENE VIOLET - State pension shortfall deepening

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Recently, I had occasion to visit the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) office. It was a treat. From Amanda at the front desk to Greg B., the specialist who assisted me with my application... more

Letters to the Editor

Resident responds to Norton press release

With all due respect to Mr. David Norton, who insisted in his press release last week that the seniors in our public housing complex did not welcome him to our home, his statements couldn’t be any... more

Join Franklin Graham in prayer at the Statehouse

In 1664, Rhode Island’s seal emerged depicting an anchor with the word “Hope.” Given these two elements, plus Roger William’s evangelical background, the motto probably comes from the Bible verse: “... more

Thanks to the Georgiaville Fire Department

Hats off to the captain and crew of the Georgiaville Fire Station. Recently, my 89-year-old husband fell in the yard and needed some care. The captain and crew were here very quickly and with... more

‘Yes for Change’ group urges North Smithfield’s support

A group of concerned and engaged citizens in the Town of North Smithfield have formed “Vote YES for NS Change.” We intend to advocate for positive change in North Smithfield, and as well to support... more

Roots run deep in Cumberland

As a person whose parents were born and raised in Cumberland, as I was, I wanted to express my gratitude to our home town. With so much bad news in the press lately, I feel compelled to tell you a... more

Kate’s Team thanks supporters

On behalf of Kaitlin Belleville Licht, we would like to thank everyone who supported the Kaitlin Belleville Licht Fundraiser held recently. It was because of your tremendous support that made it a... more