TOM WARD - About those sidewalks...

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I was struck a few weeks go by our story regarding a young Cumberland High School senior, Reece Franklin, who was petitioning the town for sidewalks along Bear Hill Road. His petition came in the... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Jobs training is on right track

Business TV network CNBC recently named Rhode Island as the worst state for doing business. The designation certainly was not the first time. Forbes magazine, for example, parceled out the dubious... more

Letters to the Editor

Can you help find stolen blue bike?

On Wednesday, July 27, on Bryant Street, Cumberland, my teenage daughter’s bike was stolen from our driveway, in broad daylight. This bike has gotten through a lot of times where she felt down or... more

Cicilline: Social Security is not a ‘Ponzi scheme’

In his July 5 column, the distinguished publisher of this newspaper, Tom Ward, attempted to make the case that replacing Social Security with a private investment system would better serve the needs... more

Our sad disrespect for historic cemeteries

I finally stopped today to take a walk through the entire cemetery that Mike has maintained on Elder Ballou Meetinghouse Road...not an easy task for me to do what with arthritis in both hips. Being... more

A pragmatic, middle-of-the-road view on topics, her vote

It’s election time, and I’m confused. Many of us remember I Love Lucy’s “Vitameatavegamin” salesgirl. I think I’m a “conserva-popu-liber-xeno-nation-global” girl. I believe in capitalism and I... more

Beware of solar farms placed in rural areas

Solar farms belong at closed landfills or in industrial parks. Clearly it makes no sense to put them in rural areas. I encourage people to take action now, before the field across from your house or... more

Why two Little Leagues in North Prov.?

I am writing to suggest that an article be created explaining why a town smaller than most in the state has two totally separate Little Leagues? East and West can’t play together. Why, I must ask?... more

What is O’Brien’s rationale for denial of Lurgio benefits?

After reading the Observer story of July 17: “Former teacher sues Smithfield School Department,” and having lived through the process, I continue to ask myself, is this ignorance or arrogance? That... more

Alba’s transparency on dog park missing

Chalk it up to yet another politician breaking their promises for the sake of convenience. Here is the story. Back in November, the Town Council had a contentious meeting over whether there would be... more

Rowdy child leaves bad taste with diner

On a lovely mid-summer evening, my husband and I decided to treat ourselves by going out to eat at our favorite restaurant in Cumberland. We were seated enjoying our beverages, when a party of five... more