TOM WARD – The coming earthquake

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"Sorry, honey...maybe you're right." Those words don't always come easily to husbands, but on the matter of whatever it is that's happening nationwide with Donald Trump and his run for president, my... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Meet another wannabe Pawsox partner

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In last week's column I reported on one of the PawSox co-owners, Tom Ryan, and his tenure as CEO of CVS. There were at least 10 major scandals associated with CVS, ranging from the sale of medication... more

Letters to the Editor

Chamber Coalition notes legislative progress for businesses

This year's General Assembly session offered some gains for Rhode Island businesses. The Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce Coalition worked on and testified in favor of (or opposed) many of the bills... more

Fire facts, not opinions, welcomed

This letter is in response to the column that appeared in The Valley Breeze Aug. 20-26 titled "Fire Committee at the Crossroads" by Tom Ward. With all due respect Mr. Ward, your offering of opinions... more

Who are these Smithfield councilors working for?

The chatter about who said nasty things to whom and whether they should get arrested for it has been very entertaining. I fear, however, that it doesn't really get to the heart of the matter. The new... more

Great job to all involved with summer basketball league

The second season of the Smithfield Youth Basketball Association Summer League is in the books. Congratulations to the three league champions! And thank you to all the players, coaches, volunteers,... more

Cumberland firefighters offer Touch-A-Truck thanks

On behalf of the Cumberland Professional Firefighters Local 2722, I would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support of this year's annual Touch-A-Truck event. This event is provided... more

Clough: Welcome back to school

The summer is over and school in Smithfield is back in session. Our teachers were back on Monday preparing their classrooms, finishing up lesson plans, and looking forward to seeing smiling faces... more

Nathanael Greene Park is far more important than a baseball stadium

Nathanael Greene Memorial Park, "yes." PawSox Stadium, "no." Let honesty and common sense prevail - a miracle given the lack of integrity of our state legislators. The greater community of Rhode... more

Thanks to Summer Reading participants

This is a thank you to all the teens and preteens who participated in the Teen Summer Reading Program at Lincoln Public Library. We organized about 14 programs from Sonic Pi Synthesizer to weekly... more

Refinos thank town for its love, support

Where do we begin? We can start by saying this has been the summer of hell and the unimaginable. As many of you may know our daughter, Madison, was born on June 7. She was beautiful and perfect and (... more

To yield or not to yield

Consider the lowly Yield sign, an equilateral triangle design. Bold red and bright white it is, to add more punch, more emphasis! With capital letters across its face; a statement to the human race.... more