TOM WARD - Immigration, its costs, is ‘the’ issue this year

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By the time you read this, we might all have a much better idea if this “Donald Trump thing” is going to make any headway in the next few months. Finally, real people are voting to elect our next... more

MARC MUNROE DION - Stuck in the middle

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“Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, Stuck in the middle with you.” – Stealers Wheel, “Stuck in the Middle With You” There’s a space between the chain link fence and the... more

Letters to the Editor

State's tolling plan proposal an unfair mess

I’m a local business owner with a nine-truck fleet, and I’m vehemently against any non-voter-approved borrowing by our shady government (apparently legislators have all forgotten 38 Studios already... more

Mayor commended for snowplowing effort

As a taxpayer and resident of the town, I would like to commend Mayor Lombardi on the town’s snowplowing effort during (January’s) storm. The roads never looked so good after a storm. The town’s... more

Breeze ‘puffin’ up Audubon events

I wanted to let you know that we received an amazing response to the Audubon lecture on Puffins that you had highlighted with a photo in The Valley Breeze recently. It was standing room only, and Dr... more

Foster residents urged to consider Solarize R.I.

The adoption of solar energy is on the rise in Rhode Island. In June 2015, we announced the increase in solar opportunities following the success of Solarize Rhode Island. At that time, Gov. Raimondo... more

RIRRC promises streamlined recycling rules, standardized labels

In response to “Residents’ recycling decisions continue to disappoint,” dated Feb. 4, I want to commend the local recycling coordinators for their initiative. Their collaborative efforts prove that... more

‘Maintenance of effort’ will nix any tax benefits

Now that the issue has been successfully debated, the governor’s budget proposes a state appropriation to cities and towns as compensation for expenses that “remain behind” when students go to... more

Snow plow drivers appreciated

A very sincere “thank you” to the Cumberland town employees who did such a great job clearing our streets during Saturday’s storm. Kings Row, Avalon Court and Camelot Court off Rawson Road, where... more

Put toll question on ballot instead of ramming through

There seems to be an effort to push the road toll project through the Rhode Island legislature quickly. We in this state have been burned in the past by rushed deals, for example the 38 Studios... more

Make the most of the Brookings Report, Chamber's Gregory urges businesses

How does Rhode Island get back on track? How do we help existing businesses expand and attract new businesses? These are two of the questions I have heard many times in my 30 years as a Chamber of... more

Thanks to two strangers for kind acts

In the middle of December, while I was in Stop & Shop Market on Mendon Road in Cumberland and came out to my car, a lovely lady came over to me and said, “You have had a hit and run, and your car... more

Gorman: State’s education policy dooms kids to poverty

On Jan. 24, I watched a replay of “10 News Conference” with Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed, and it raised a few questions regarding K-12 education. Our state desperately needs to acquire an... more