TOM WARD – Name school for Lynch

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I thought it was very disheartening to read last week that persons had come forward in opposition to the renaming of North Cumberland Middle School in honor of Richard B. Lynch, the 46-year educator... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Why are we giving much away?

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Earlier this month a debate ensued around the issue of school lunches. Initially, the City of Warwick School Committee decided to provide only sun butter and jelly sandwiches to children whose... more

Letters to the Editor

Memorial Day is a day of honor and reflection

The month of May is traditionally associated with nice weather (working on it), beautiful flowers, and cookouts, and where a Sunday is set aside to honor our beloved mothers. May is also home to... more

Bryant’s ‘Project Playhouse’ initiative showcases the value of community

I am proud to be both an employee of Navigant Credit Union and an alumnus of Bryant University for a long list of reasons. After recently enjoying a just-about-perfect event celebrating the... more

Charter must be done with complete transparency

In regard to The Valley Breeze’s 5/16/2019 article “From Petition to Fruition,” I would like to discuss some other parts of the Scituate Home Rule Charter’s journey. While a Charter is in the best... more

Osier to promote open space

During my campaign I advocated for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and the promoting of open space, beliefs that I have continued to stand by and actively promote since taking office. Too long... more

Gold land deal has long history

In 2017, when I was the Town Council president, the issue of the Gold Forest came before us. I was against spending town money to purchase this property. However, Paul Zwolenski asked me to take a... more

Town should protect, use Gold land

Dear North Smithfield Town Council members: Last Saturday we took advantage of the ability to tour Gold Forest in North Smithfield. It is truly a beautiful piece of land. We have hiked many places... more

Artale: Patnaude impacts the community beyond dance

Thank you to Amanda Patnaude and the Cumberland Rec Department for another wonderful year and recital at Stadium Theatre. My family has participated in this program for four years, and I feel obliged... more

Lincoln budget process needs work

Lincoln budget process needs work I tried not to write this letter but I am compelled to beat my head against the wall to bring some sanity to our town of Lincoln budget process. We can do better but... more

Joly: School community is what makes LHS great

Recently, the renovation project at Lincoln High School hit a milestone with the last steel beam being set in place. The achievement was marked with a posting by School Committee member Julie Zito ... more