TOM WARD - Our heroes next door...

Admittedly, I often complain in this space about some of the things that seem to be going badly in our state, about many of our "ranked 50th" concerns. And then I have a night like last Thursday... more

ARLENE VIOLET - On 38 Studios, pols echo Sgt. Schultz

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As the 38 Studios court documents show, "I know nothing" seemed to be the most common refrain among the then-leaders in this state. It is as though all were auditioning for the role of Sgt. Hans... more

Letters to the Editor

529 Plans need analysis

I was glad to see The Valley Breeze publish an article from the R. I. General Treasurer's office in celebration of National College Savings Month urging families to save for college. Those of us with... more

Paquette tourney still helping families

A few years back I wrote thanking all of Cumberland for their gracious support to the "Roland D. Paquette Jr. Memorial Softball Tournament." For those of you not aware, it was started 12 years ago in... more

New Cumberland Farms needs exit traffic limits

While the new Cumberland Farms store/gas station on Route 122 in Woonsocket (near the Cumberland line) is a valuable addition to the city's economic base (and it's convenient!), I really hope that... more

Nixon navigation of Middle East better than today's efforts

President Obama's strategy to bring peace to the Middle East has allowed Russia to become a major player in the peace process. The United States has lost its position as the world's premier Middle... more