TOM WARD - It can't be easy, ProJo

Here's an interesting concept. Move the so-called "master lever" to the bottom of the ballot in November, so voters might actually read some of the names of the people running for office. Rhode... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Candidates enrich consultants outside R.I.

Kudos to Golocalprov (Aug. 20) which recently investigated whether Rhode Island candidates for governor put their money where their respective mouths are. Each candidate speaks rhapsodically about... more

Letters to the Editor

Gratitude as work at Osram-Sylvania ends

As I come to a close of a 31-year career as a glassworker, I would like to take a minute to thank the people of our past. First is Tony Zona for being the type of boss that everyone admired and... more

Evan's Crew is grateful

We did it. Team Evan's Crew finished its second Pan-Mass Challenge ride. It is difficult to put into words what it feels like to have our "people" join us on PMC weekend. Our "people" doing the ride... more

Texan sends admiration for Cumberland Little Leaguers

My utmost tip of the hat to your fine coach, Dave Belisle, of your Little League team at the Little League World Series. The man is a fine example of leadership for the team that he coached. The boys... more

Let's keep the conversation going about conserving town land

Mr. Tom Ward: Your recent edict concerning the siting of public facilities for a safety complex - a cornucopia of ideas on the table, excepting "those lands limited by state and federal law" - amuses... more


In a letter of thanks to Cumberlandfest's sponsors, one was inadvertently omitted. Milton Caterpillar was a silver sponsor.

Historian upset by Arnold House demolition

I am shocked and sickened by the swift and brutal trashing of the centuries-old Arnold House in Smithfield. To make matters even worse, no time was allowed for historians to salvage portions of the... more

MacBeth upset with party language, will back DaCosta

As your state representative, I have always represented you on the state level as you have elected me to do. I have also tried to stay out of the local town politics, and this election season was no... more

Check out the No. Smithfield Library

There is so much negativity reported in the different forms of the media, which is only telling us the facts of our culture, that we do not, as they say, "take time to smell the roses." One such rose... more

Spooner letter reeks of politics

I am pleased to offer a counter point of view to that of Mr. Raymond Spooner and his letter that was published in The Valley Breeze on Aug. 19. I write to praise two very honorable public servants,... more

Bakst: Taveras 'Wall Street' ad dishonest

Outraged by an Angel Taveras ad, I have a question to ask. And I'm asking because it's important that we elect the best governor and it's important that campaigns themselves be intellectually honest... more

Isn't anyone listening?

Scenario: The temperature outdoors is approaching 90 degrees. Motorists with any sense have their windows up and their air conditioners turned to the highest setting. Why then are idiots driving... more

Sen. Whitehouse clarifies stance on pipeline expansion

(Publisher Tom) Ward's recent column "Let's ask the activists: Do you support freezing kids?" Aug. 19 criticizing local activists who oppose the natural gas pipeline expansion in Burrillville, goes... more