TOM WARD - If conservative comments bother you, hit the remote

So let’s all see how long it takes for gasoline prices to come down, now that oil refineries in Texas and Louisiana are pumping again. It does seem to be the same old story. Prices shoot up quickly... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Raimondo in for tough reelection

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, the 2018 campaign season is about to start. Gov. Gina Raimondo is in for a tough reelection fight. Obviously, she has a formidable group of contenders seeking to... more

Letters to the Editor

Pawtucket’s leaders take care of all, without regard to child’s status

Pawtucket and the Pawtucket Public Schools welcome adults and children from all backgrounds and from countries all around the globe to our community and our schools every day. We connect them with... more

Lonsdale Fire board chairman urges support for consolidation vote

As the chairman of the Lonsdale board of fire wardens, I respectfully request your support on Saturday, Sept. 23. The question put before you resulted from many lengthy and very difficult decisions... more

Almond supports 'Yes' vote on Lonsdale, Saylesville consolidation

On Saturday, Sept. 23, the voters of the Lonsdale and Saylesville Fire Districts will be presented with the opportunity to approve a consolidation between the Lonsdale District and Saylesville Fire... more

PawSox have earned our support

The Pawtucket Red Sox are central to the identity of our community. They are a source of great pride and bring 500,000 people to our community every season. As a resident and the former chair of the... more

Scituate Republicans support school bond

The Scituate Republican Town Committee is proud to offer its full support for the Scituate School Bond, which is scheduled for a vote at a town-wide referendum on Nov. 7. Our backing of the bond... more

Smithfield should improve sports fields

I’ve noticed a lot of concerns with (Smithfield) school sports facilities, and from what I’m hearing it’s absolutely true. The track issue that received a Band-Aid will have to be overhauled,... more

Violet thanked for help with pension problems

Thank you to Arlene Violet for adopting the 2,724 “orphans” in the St. Joseph Health Services of R.I. pension plan. I say orphans because that is the term being used to describe our pension plan; now... more

North Smithfield’s leaders should consider purchase of Gold Forest’s 150 acres

An open letter to the citizens of North Smithfield: This past summer members of the North Smithfield Conservation Commission attempted to renew interest in the town acquiring the lovely 150-acre Gold... more

Old Smithfield Road enforcement appreciated

I just wanted, as well as needed, to take a few moments to comment on the new “Do Not Enter” enforcement on Old Smithfield Road that began on Sept. 11. I would like to begin by thanking the North... more