TOM WARD - Feel-good investing flops

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There's a new chink in the armor of politically correct investing – also known as ESG – and it comes to us from, of all places, California. Why should you care? Because if you pay taxes in Rhode... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Birthright citizenship is not a cut and dry proposition

Perennially, the common law concept of JUS SOLI-or birthright citizenship-comes back into the news. President Donald Trump has thrust the issue full stage and center when he proposed that he will... more

Letters to the Editor

Why charge so much for a key card?

When does a nonprofit organization or facility stop being nonprofit? Does anyone know? I’ll tell you why I ask. Recently, a resident in a senior housing facility lost her key card allowing her... more

Local eye doctor helped speed cancer treatment

There’s a relatively new eye doctor in town, (and I think) he’s fabulous. His name is Dr. Michael Santos and he joined his father’s Cumberland Family Eye Care practice about a year ago after... more

Team Evan's Crew offers thanks for Pan-Mass help

A big thank you to all who supported Evan’s Crew in our 6th Pan-Mass Challenge ride in August. We are humbled and appreciative of your generosity. Your support motivated us throughout our miles of... more