ARLENE VIOLET - 'Tis the season for civility

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Among all the salutations of the season for joy, peace, and hope, I wonder whether we need to add civility to our holiday's wishes. Recent events make me think the answer is yes. Here's why.... more

TOM WARD - Marijuana: Now what?

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It cannot be easy being a police officer today. On the one hand, D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) officers talk to 5th-graders warning them about the dangers of drug use, and on the other... more

Letters to the Editor

Homeowner defends his property, cites neighbors' 'harassment'

My name is Derek Smith and I am the owner of 1 Edith St. in Cumberland. I want the opportunity to speak in my defense in regards to the ridiculous allegations of which I am being accused. An article... more

Winter Wonderland, trees are a beautiful sight

Congratulations to the town of Cumberland for its recent Winter Wonderland held on the grounds of the library. As a volunteer at the Friends' Bookstore, I was happy to see so many young families come... more