TOM WARD - So maybe you didn’t approve sports betting

Well, on sports betting, maybe not so fast. ... Last week I wrote, “If you are anti-gaming, and think you’ll have a say in this, think again. The state has decided that your votes allowing table... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Sports betting needs court review

Kudos to Senate President Dominick Ruggerio for pledging to seek the opinion of the Rhode Island Supreme Court about whether internet wagering on sports requires voters’ approval. Yet, he should go a... more

Letters to the Editor

Lombardi: Water supply sale should not bail out pensions

As mayor of the Town of North Providence, I have several reservations and concerns regarding the privatization of our water supply system. North Providence currently has 8,100 Providence Water and... more

Please take an hour Monday to remember those who died

Monday, May 28, is Memorial Day. The veterans of Smithfield humbly ask local residents to take a few minutes to honor, and remember, the one million men and women who have sacrificed their lives in... more

Developer of N.S. solar farm defends proposal, its impact

In response to Mr. Ward’s editorial (Landowners have rights, but ‘solar sprawl’ is bad policy), I would respectfully present a counter argument to the benefits of solar development in North... more

Moratorium, followed by study, needed on solar energy ‘sprawl’

As a public health professional who evaluates community- and state-level public health prevention initiatives, I support renewable energy. However, I am deeply concerned about the state’s lack of a... more