TOM WARD – P is for propaganda

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While communism is down to only three countries in the world now (China, Cuba and North Korea), there are certainly efforts afoot to keep it alive, and you can find them at the public library. Now... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Have you had enough yet?

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You, no doubt, are familiar with the adage: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Yet, Rhode Islanders must have a folly epidemic... more

Letters to the Editor

Manfredi: Mayor deserves thanks for his budget efforts

I want to commend Mayor Lombardi in his efforts to rein in spending at the Mancini Senior Center. During my tenure as an elected official and finance chairman, I once cut the center $50,000 in... more

Sparling: Scituate Animal Shelter ‘mired in dirty politics’

Re: “Animal shelter work blowing budget and deadlines,” July 10, 2019. I am a Scituate Animal Shelter volunteer who is also on the shelter construction committee. I wish to rebut the inaccuracies in... more

Let’s make gun safety an American responsibility

It was with mild shock I read the article titled “Despite Opposition, Cumberland council passes resolution on gun violence” (June 12, 2019). In Cumberland there are people who would oppose gun... more

Road Scholar?

OK, full disclosure up front: I am not a Rhode Scholar and have never attended Oxford University. I have never worked in road construction but I do know how it is supposed to be done. I have driven... more

New trash bins, new flies

My thanks to the Cumberland resident who called in the “wildest complaint” after finding maggots in her trash after the new trash bin rollout (Valley Breeze, July 11-17). Though somewhat dismissed... more

Status quo schools fail in Providence

I enjoyed Mr. Ward’s Opinion piece this past week. Talk about being right on the money! Maybe he should become the new Superintendent of Providence Schools. Although I wish her all the success in the... more