TOM WARD - Are new carts enough for online shoppers?

Amazon is changing everything! Lincoln is rolling out new recycling barrels, but for lazy shoppers who do a lot of their shopping online, it might not be a barrel of fun. That’s what I’ve learned in... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Where are our standards?

Dozens of times during the past 30 days I have been speaking with supporters of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. What amazes me is the blind allegiance each camp has to its candidate.... more

Letters to the Editor

Resident ‘couldn’t be prouder’ to support Sen. Pearson

As the November election approaches, I couldn’t be prouder to support our Sen. Ryan Pearson. Ryan has been the change agent we need at the Statehouse, his sign is on my lawn, and I urge you to... more

Corvese no ‘absentee’ legislator; father’s passing impacted votes

This is a corrected version of Rep. Corvese's letter in the paper. Corvese expected the House to convene June 14, not Sept. 14. We regret the error. Having read Ken Block’s recent missive “Missed... more

Columnist saddened by loss of ‘rich white man power’ issues

So sorry to say, but you just lost the 14 readers you had in the Oak Hill area of Pawtucket with your ignorant and self-serving column promoting Trump. Why not just be honest and admit that all the... more

Please pick up after your dog on Daggett Ave.

Bombs dropped in Pawtucket! Do I have your attention? Good! Let me start off by saying, I love my Pawtucket neighborhood. Homes and yards are kept up beautifully and you are always bound to catch a... more

Norton thanks voters

“I would like to thank residents of House District 60 for their time and their consideration of my run for state representative. I really gave it my all until the end but came up short. I intend on... more

Runoff elections would make sense

I think it’s time to change the way our elections are run in both the City of Pawtucket and statewide. As many of you know, I recently took part in the District 8 Senatorial race and did manage to... more

Let’s stick to the real issues

I would like to thank Mr. Ray Vignani (letter to the editor, Sept. 22) for his interest in my property. It’s curious, though, that someone who lives only a few yards from the Johnston line in... more

R.I. services to blind are indeed being cut

I am writing this in response to DHS Director Melba Depena’s Sept. 21 letter to the editor which stated that there will be no gaps in service for the blind and visually impaired population in Rhode... more

Barbour: Still seeing political signs around town

As a follow-up to Mr. Bruno’s timely remember about political signs in Smithfield: anyone driving around town will have noticed that nevertheless there are a couple of candidates who have chosen to... more

Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit

During this hectic election season, it’s easy for yet another set of data to get overshadowed, but here is one we should all be paying attention to. According to newly released data from the U.S.... more

Council president should have followed charter process

As town administrator, there are many decisions that come before me; not the least of which are issues related to public safety as well as the ability of our residents to pay for additional services... more

Historic Whitman House leaders thank Whole Foods

The Historic Whitman House would like to acknowledge the very kind contribution to our recent “Colonial Dinner.” Whole Foods of Bellingham and Jaimee Valadez, the specialty associate team leader,... more