TOM WARD - The left's 'pants on fire'

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In retrospect, perhaps "uninformed" would have been a better thing to call the American people than "stupid." Had Jonathan Gruber, the elitist, full-of-himself, condescending liberal (pardon the... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Can we get real about state funds?

Last week, the Providence Journal reported that the state of Rhode Island has an estimated $21.7 million shortfall of revenue for the fiscal year that began July 1, with the next projected shortfall... more

Letters to the Editor

With debt paid, $2.3 million spells tax relief, not 'windfall' to be spent

With the election season and all of its rhetoric behind us, I would like to point out a very important issue that will confront the Mayor and the new council members in the coming fiscal year. It is... more

DeStefanis offers thanks

To the residents of Council District 2, I write you humbled by the trust you've bestowed in me but mindful of the challenges that lie ahead. Thank you! No words can truly convey the gratitude felt... more

Perry: Why does Obama care so about 'rights of outlaws?'

President Obama is telling Congress and the American people that he will issue executive orders dealing with illegal immigration unless a bill meeting his wants is not delivered to his desk soon. He... more

Cooney fundraiser planners say 'thanks'

A Concert for Cooney - A Night of Music and Giving fundraiser was held Saturday. The event was organized to benefit the Greg Cooney family of Woonsocket. Their oldest son, Patrick, 23, is recovering... more

Flaherty grateful for support, thanks others who serve

As I bid farewell to elective office (I was not on the ballot for re-election), I'm reminded what an honor it's been to serve on your Town Council. There are many thanks in order. First, thank you to... more

Mount students offer help at Elder Ballou Cemetery

On Saturday, Nov. 1, students from Mount St. Charles Academy participated in their annual Community Service/Volunteer program at the Elder Ballou Meetinghouse Cemetery in Cumberland. Despite facing a... more

Clearing up facts regarding Superfund site river cleanup

Given the amount of misinformation that is being put out about the proposed remediation of the Peterson Puritan Superfund Site, both in print and at public meetings, including those of the Town... more

Thanks to those who made Armed Forces Park possible

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who helped make the United Veterans Council of Woonsocket Armed Forces Park Project and the park's dedication ceremony on Veterans Day such a great success!... more

How will state assist wages of valued home care workers?

Since earlier this year, when President Obama started to push hard for an increase in minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, it seems as though all of the Democrats in Rhode Island have jumped on board, as... more