TOM WARD - Improve Rhode Islandby approving Question #3

Here in Rhode Island, you're either in "The Club," or you're out. "The Club" are the special interests that hold more than their fair share of power with General Assembly leaders. They might be labor... more

ARLENE VIOLET - A vote for better R.I. government

"Creating Jobs" seems to be the catch-all phrase during this election as candidates vie for statewide and local office. Imagine for a moment, though, that you are an outsider potentially looking for... more

Letters to the Editor

'House of Cards' crumbling in North Smithfield

If it wasn’t clear before, Monday night’s Town Council meeting proved that the triumvirate – Town Administrator Paulette Hamilton, Town Council President John Flaherty and Budget Committee Chairman... more

Observer was ‘used;’ story about candidate Rich Nicholson ‘by no means newsworthy’

After reading the article in this week’s Observer by Melanie Thibeault, I became nauseous, as did my wife and in all likelihood anyone else that read this article and truly knows “Rich.” Rich... more

Lincoln, reject Questions #12, #13

To Lincoln's voters: I encourage you to reject local Questions #12 and #13 in the upcoming election. If Question #12 were to pass, it would severely limit the ability of smaller groups to petition... more

Lincoln voters urged to OK local Questions 8-13

As president of the Lincoln Town Council, I would urge you to vote yes on local ballot questions 8-13 on the Nov. 4 ballot. A positive vote on the proposed Charter changes will provide clarity,... more

Consider Rapko-Bruckner's conflicts of interest

Over the past few weeks, we have read in The Valley Breeze several press releases from candidates seeking election to local offices, particularly the District 5 seat on the Lincoln School Committee.... more

Just fix the city!

It hurts my heart so to have to ask these questions of you (Woonsocket City Councilors) but, why do you disrespect our fair city residents and businesses? What have we ever done to you to deserve... more

Nicholson replies to GOP character attack

My bid for Smithfield Town Council is my first for public office. I was quite taken aback by the deceptive tactics used by the state and local Republican Committees in an attempt to discredit me and... more

Democrat supports Metivier in District 1

As a resident in Cumberland's District 1, I wanted to write in to express my concern regarding the Town Council race in my district. In the past, we have been represented by Manny DaCosta, who has... more

Johannis honest, caring

Mrs. Fran Johannis is honest, forthright, cares about your kids, and knows her numbers. She was one the hardest working School Committee members I have ever worked with. Mrs. Johannis made every... more

Constitutional Convention purpose? Democratic reform

In their letters regarding the Nov. 4 referendum on whether to convene a constitutional convention, Steve Brown and George Nee raise a laundry list of objections to a constitutional convention. The... more

Johannis caring, dedicated

For 14 years, I served as chairperson of the North Smithfield Special Education Local Advisory Committee. In that capacity, I have attended more School Committee meetings than the average resident.... more

Whitehouse threats at Cianci ring hollow

Whatever is the "Global Warming" U.S. Senator Whitehouse doing in the trenches of the Providence mayoral campaign? Let me guess. Remember when talk show host Buddy Cianci took wide comedic liberties... more

Johannis defined by more than her Halliwell work

A political candidate or an elected member of a committee is always in a tough position: the stand he or she takes does not ever please everyone, and some days it pleases no one. In deference to... more

Brady better in debate

After watching the debate between Councilwoman Brady and Shane Piche, it was clear to us that Shane has bitten off more than he can chew. We have to agree with Mrs. Brady that he keeps harping on the... more

Sign 'explosion' began with Poirier

I feel I need to respond to last week's letter to the editor by former Republican Town Committee Chairman Anthony Fuzek, and his take on the Gentlepersons agreement between Democrats and Republicans... more

Veterans suffer while 'vampires' drain America

In a few days we will have every gladhander in this state trying to have a photo op with a veteran who is beaten down and looks it. We will hear how grateful we all are for our veterans etc. and so... more

Help raise awareness of rare disease

October 25-31 is National Epidermolysis Bullosa Awareness Week. I would appreciate if you would help my family spread the word about this disease. My daughter, Kayla Roach, and granddaughter, Alivia... more

Vote with your wallets to help with state's rebound

Right now we are smack dab in the midst of election fervor. As a state, we will soon choose those leaders whom we want to represent us. Or, at the very least, choose against those we do not want to... more

Budget Board suggests rejection of #12, #13

In Lincoln on Nov. 4, there will be several Town Charter change proposals that will be on the local ballot affecting how Lincoln will operate in the future. Specifically, we are concerned with local... more

Lincoln is healthy; Charter changes not needed

Having had the privilege of serving the Town of Lincoln as a three term member of the Budget Board and as a member of the last two public Town Charter review committees, I feel the need to comment on... more

Consider Glocester's Charter changes

During the course of reviewing the Glocester Charter Review Commission's recommendations to the Town Council there were a lot of concerns regarding the Financial Town Meeting procedures. Two... more

Lees: Lincoln's Question 12 disenfranchises voters

Urgent - Lincoln town voters, vote "No" on local ballot Question 12. On Tuesday's election you will be asked to make it increasingly difficult for ourselves in questioning how our local government... more