TOM WARD - Bad bills deserve veto

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Update: Gov. Gina Raimondo late Wednesday vetoed the bill to automatically extend (or "evergreen") union contracts with schools and municipalities. I thank the governor for this veto, and urge our... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Ruggerio needs to get back to work

I think the Rhode Island state budget is a bloated blob of bureaucracy. Having now made it perfectly clear that I bemoan the lack of cutting “fat” from this proposed spending I think that Senate... more

Letters to the Editor

Limit Council ‘comments’ to taxpayers, residents

At the July 11 Smithfield Town Council meeting, George McKinnon got up and openly criticized Council President Paul Santucci claiming how he was aghast at multiple levels at Santucci’s letting Al... more

Senate disappoints with late maneuver

I am extremely disappointed that the state budget, which includes significant additional education aid and municipal aid for the City of Woonsocket, is being held up by the state Senate. I encourage... more

Pick up trash before cutting grass

It seems unfair for us all to be piling on to the R.I Department of Transportation so much recently, what with all they have to look after. With bridge and highway projects at full throttle at the... more

Are Rhode Island politicians pulling off a Ponzi scheme?

Many elected and appointed R.I. officials with the influence and power to make the decisions on spending our tax dollars are running a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme usually takes funds from new... more

Those who question authorities are not necessarily naysayers

There has been much talk lately about so called “naysayers.” Particularly now that the most recent Pawtucket Red Sox stadium proposal is undergoing necessary scrutiny. In fact, Mr. Larry Lucchino of... more

House Speaker Mattiello: Senate’s last-minute shenanigans hurt the state of Rhode Island

There is nothing more important than integrity and keeping your word. It is unfortunate that Senate President Dominick Ruggerio and his leadership team reneged on a commitment to pass the state... more

Nutritionist: Infuse vitamins only under supervision

As a Registered-Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist in Rhode Island who cannot practice without state licensure, I would like to comment on the article in last week’s Valley Breeze Living section... more

‘Always’ and ‘never’ don’t turn statements into ‘facts’

So how does anyone really know if our president and his administration is the “best,” “worst,” “first” or “most” of anything that President Trump tweets or says regarding all prior presidents?... more