TOM WARD - Good work, Pawtucket

GPS tracking coming to all city vehicles I offer my congratulations to the City of Pawtucket, whose City Council last week made the decision to put GPS on all city vehicles, including police, fire,... more

ARLENE VIOLET - In R.I., consultant reports are fiction

Quick! Can you remember the last consultant report to back a project here in Rhode Island that actually was correct? Sorry! That's a trick question. I don't think that there is one. * Convention... more

Letters to the Editor

Well-rounded students need arts, music, sports

When I read Marcia Green's article last week in The Breeze, I noted "Mayor: No property tax increase for Cumberland residents." What made me think was this statement, from School Committee Chairwoman... more

Keep Lincoln's Post Grad celebration alive

Thirty-two years ago a group of parents gathered together to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their kid's future. They reached out to local businesses, clergy and civic leaders to help. It was a... more

Monastery damage leaves visitor wondering

I am fortunate to live very close to the Monastery, so I am able to go for a run on the one-mile or so stonedust covered path around the library area, or take our family dog Gracie for a long walk... more

MPA founder Curran: Hefner, Murray 'concealed crucial facts'

I founded the Monastery Preservation Alliance to preserve our Monastery from threats of development. Despite our initial success and the overwhelming support of Cumberland residents, town leaders... more

Town leaders considering Monastery land urged to consider their legacy

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My name is Diane Emerson. I have spent many years working to protect and preserve open space in the town of Cumberland. It is disturbing to watch the severely limited conservation area of the... more

Competitive Chimney Sweep warns of phone scam

I’m writing this letter to inform the public about yet another telemarketing phone scam. This one is a bit different. This scam is referred to as Caller ID Phone Spoofing. In this case it is being... more

Children with Apraxia need our support

I have yet to hear those three special words that every parent wants to hear: "I love you." What is Childhood Apraxia of Speech? CAS is one of the most severe of childhood speech and communication... more