TOM WARD - Cautious applause for new charter school

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I'm giving cautious applause to last week's decision by the state's education leaders to give preliminary approval for a new charter school to serve K-8 students from Woonsocket, North Smithfield and... more

ARLENE VIOLET - The 'Numbers Man' says Cianci could lose

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Ted Hahn is a former advanced math teacher who taught for 38 years in the public school system. His love affair with numbers carried into politics. For years he has been involved in campaigns both... more

Letters to the Editor

Consider Gorbea's full resume

I'm writing in reference to Tom Ward's opinion column, "Keep Voter ID, Repair Messed Up Voter Rolls" in the Oct. 16 edition. Publisher Ward gives credit to former Deputy Secretary of State, Nellie... more

Depaults extend thanks to those who aided brother

To our family, friends, colleagues, and Buy-Local family - Thank You! Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and we continue to be humbled by your generosity. So many people opened their hearts... more

Thanks for new flag pole

Kudos to those responsible for erecting the gorgeous flag pole and American flag at Franklin Farm. You succeeded in maintaining the bucolic beauty of our rural Cumberland. Mary Ellen Lukasiewicz... more

RIDE has no 'material impact' on N.S. bonds

Speaking from an overall financial point of view, anyone who believes the R.I. Department of Education (RIDE) approval has any real material impact on the financial aspects of that portion of the... more

N.S. leaders don't deserve bond support

I was asked by (Town Council President) John Flaherty to serve on the committee to promote the Invest in NS bond. I declined to join this group and explained that I did not agree with the bond and... more

If BV National Park legislation passes, perhaps a connecting bikepath will be considered

Congressman David N. Cicilline and Sen. Jack Reed have succeeded in passing legislation in committee to establish a National Park in the Blackstone River Valley. The valley is the birthplace of the... more

Vote with our wallets for state's rebound

Right now we are smack dab in the midst of election fervor. As a state, we will soon choose those leaders whom we want to represent us. Or, at the very least, choose against those we do not want to... more

Stop the sprawl of political signs

Are we no longer gentlemen, or to be PC, gentlepersons? As a former chairman of the Smithfield Republican Town Committee, "back in the day" our two main parties had a verbal agreement not to display... more

Piche 'not appropriate' for council

I recently saw sleazy pictures of North Providence Town Council candidate Shane Piche with scantily clad women. I am outraged that he expects to gain public trust and respect while displaying such... more

Town Charter changes concern residents

In November, voters in North Smithfield will be asked to vote for 12 changes to the Town Charter. Two of these changes are of particular concern to us. Question 18 - Article 4 is summarized in one... more

Support URI construction

Oftentimes in conversation I am asked what I think should be done to help improve the state's economy. For me the answer is simple: the creation of good paying, upper middle class jobs. Now consensus... more

Reasons to vote 'no' on charter question 22

In addition to the various state and local races and townwide bond issues there will be several charter questions on this year's ballot. One of these charter questions is number 22 which would allow... more

Where is our open government?

There is a real need to have open government in North Providence, and always has been. One of the main problems is a lack of understanding about the laws that regulate what you should, can or cannot... more

Ex-policeman urges 'yes' on safety complex

On the ballot for the Nov. 4 election is a very important question for the town of Cumberland: "Should a new Public Safety Complex be built?" Resoundingly, the answer is "approve." I worked in the... more

What did Obama mean?

I heard on the news that on Oct. 15 President Obama was in Dallas, Texas, at Emory Hospital, where a second nurse came down with the Ebola disease. He made this statement: "I shook hands with, hugged... more

Constitutional Convention purpose? Democratic reform

In their letters regarding the Nov. 4 referendum on whether to convene a constitutional convention, Steve Brown and George Nee raise a laundry list of objections to a constitutional convention. The... more

Nee: Question 3 - bad for workers

On Nov. 4, Rhode Islanders will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not they wish to convene a Constitutional Convention (Con Con). We stand on the brink of a dangerous precipice. If Question... more

Lambi wrong, but I hope he wins

Citizens have a civic responsibility to vote, among other things. They need do so in order to insure the integrity of our form of government, something that was once taught in school, in "Civics... more

Eye Johannis candidacy with caution

One should think long and hard before voting for Fran Johannis for our North Smithfield School Committee. During a previous term on the School Committee she led the charge for the expenditure of $15,... more

Guertin may not understand Budget Committee's role

North Smithfield Town Administrator candidate Anthony Guertin has stated he will "spend our hard earned tax dollars better, not more," "work cooperatively with the Budget Committee" and "work... more