TOM WARD - In this important election,we didn't need a distraction

Well, here we go. Only days after deciding the two victors in a pair of difficult primary elections, voters will now be treated to the sideshow of "Cool Moose" Bob Healey returning to the fray,... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Losing candidates should stand their ground

If I asked you if the four Democratic gubernatorial candidates had any policy differences, wouldn't you say yes? Similarly, were there any position differences between Republicans Ken Block and Allan... more

Letters to the Editor

Silva thanks helpers with SMA fundraiser

On Monday, Aug. 11, the 5th annual Working On Walking fundraiser took place at Louisquisset Golf Club and Twin River. With 450 people in attendance, this year's event has been the most successful... more

Lights needed at I-295, Diamond Hill Road

Recent letters to The Valley Breeze express the concerns of drivers traveling on Diamond Hill Road over the bridge at I-295. I work in Johnston at FM Global, and every day during the afternoon rush... more

Superfund 'cap' needs study

The Blackstone River Watershed Council/Friends of the Blackstone, as steward and advocate for the Blackstone River, has for many years been concerned about the remediation of the Peterson Puritan... more

Something is surely wrong with prescription prices

Here is my story, sad but true. I am on Medicare with a AARP Medicare Complete plan from United Health Care. On my last visit to the doctor he gave me a prescription for a common medical problem... more

Southeast Asians organizing to vote

Following the end of the Vietnam War in April 1975, thousands of Southeast Asians came to this country as refugees from political prosecution in their homelands. Throughout the turmoil in the region... more

Pawtucket's white elephant: City Hall tower

As a resident of Pawtucket who has lived here more than 70 years, we're now faced with the problems of the City Hall tower again. Three times in a little over 40 years taxpayers were asked to fix... more