TOM WARD - Hedge funds in pensions: Now we'll see if they help

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There's no way to know on this Tuesday morning, when prices are set to rise after a historic stock market blow-up in the past week, how this will all turn out for state pensioners. One thing I know,... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Talk about strange bedfellows

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By now you know that former CVS head Thomas Ryan and the then-former Fleet Bank president and CEO Terry Murray are major owners of the PawSox team that is looking to move the stadium to Providence.... more

Letters to the Editor

Cumberlandfest thanks sponsors

On behalf of the Cumberlandfest Steering Committee, I would like to thank each of our sponsors for their generous support of this year's 25th anniversary celebration. Our sponsors play a major role... more

Roosevelt's words to remember

Quoting the words of others does not usually qualify as a letter to the editor. But recently I came across these two quotes from Theodore Roosevelt, one of our greatest presidents, and a man whose... more

Resetting North Smithfield classrooms makes perfect sense

I am responding to the article entitled "North Smithfield schools will consider reconfiguring grades." The article references an email being circulated by William Nangle which was critical of School... more

Former councilor offers kind words for Tocco

It was with great interest that I read Melanie Thibeault's front page article regarding Councilman Greg Tocco's decision to disaffiliate from the Democratic Party in Smithfield. Let me offer a... more

Plenty of speculation, questions about maturity

Your recent series of stories regarding the cast of characters known as the current chairman of the Zoning Board, Antonio Fonseca, former chairman George McKinnon, Councilman Tocco and School... more

Did you witness Route 99 accidenton Monday, Aug. 17?

I am hoping to locate the witnesses to my son Ryan's accident that happened on Monday, Aug. 17 on Route 99 around 2:30 p.m. He was cut off and his truck rolled three times. Many people stopped and... more

Mayor urged to keep up good work

As a longtime resident of the town who frequently reads The Breeze, I recently had the opportunity to read an editorial by a rather prolific writer to the paper named Brian Quirk. It seems as if Mr.... more

Increase jobs, fuel tax revenue to fund bridge repair

To fund the repair and replacement of Rhode Island's structurally deficient bridges, the state needs to do two things: increase fuel tax revenue and increase the number of available jobs in R.I.... more