TOM WARD - And so it begins...

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Last week, it only took President-elect Donald J. Trump a few hours to lash back at the “overrated” actor Meryl Streep after her insult of him at the Golden Globes. This Friday, he will be my... more

ARLENE VIOLET - ‘Fire, ready, aim’ is heck of a way to govern

You know that most politicians in Washington are out of touch, right? Just how much was recently punctuated by the first acts of House Republicans, who barely lowered their respective right arm after... more

Letters to the Editor

Halliwell a great place to go to school

There is a lot of talk now about closing Halliwell School in North Smithfield. I understand that the school is old and needs a lot of repairs, but I will be sad to see it go, and that younger... more

Kilby family thanks community for its love and support

To our friends, family and wonderful community, we wanted to say thank you so much for the love and support for our daughter Sarah. It seems like every day we are flooded with headlines in the news... more

Klyberg, Laxton will be missed

The recent news of the passing of local historian Al Klyberg certainly brings much sadness to those who either had known him for many years or to those who have had the pleasure of meeting and being... more

Trump’s labor secretary nominee ‘a bad choice’

Donald Trump has nominated fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder to lead the Labor Department. This is a bad choice for working people. This pick betrays the spirit of the Trump campaign and threatens to leave... more

Santucci offers perspective on choice of solicitor

Regarding the article: “GOP-controlled council brings back Alves over objections” In reading the article by Ethan Shorey, I’m concerned that residents and taxpayers (not at the swearing-in ceremony)... more