TOM WARD - Busybodies on the left keep meddling with money

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If you’re a slave to political correctness, you might as well turn the page now. Those of us who are not suffered a “two-fer” last week at the hands of both the state and federal government, and... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Our civics education is awful

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As Rhode Islanders focus on the just completed Presidential primaries, it’s wise to stop and consider the education level of the populace is on civic matters. The picture is not pretty. Ignorance... more

Letters to the Editor

Rotary Club works quietly serving NP

Who are they who donated $300,000 to local charities, who placed bookshelves filled with books for free in public parks, who serve veterans meals on holidays, who march in parades that support cancer... more

The benefits of buying locally

Globalization has hit Rhode Island hard. Those manufacturing jobs that allowed my immigrant parents and generations of other Rhode Islanders the opportunity to raise their families in modest comfort... more

Ban ‘battery cages’ for confined hens

Like a lot of hard-working Rhode Islanders, I wear many hats. I’m a farmer; I’m an artist and art teacher; I’m a volunteer. But as Mother’s Day approaches, I acknowledge that my most important (and... more

‘Some good’ is coming from policy reviews

It is encouraging to see that Smithfield Supt. of Schools Robert O’Brien is now so concerned about consistency with respect to policy and seeing to it that the Town of Smithfield does not get sued as... more

Legalizing pot: Are we all about money first?

In November 1998 the attorneys general of 46 states including Rhode Island filed a class action lawsuit against the leading tobacco companies that tobacco Is harmful and addictive. As a result of... more

Why tax in Lincoln to build surplus?

The Lincoln Budget Board has recently stated that it wants to be fiscally responsible to Lincoln taxpayers, while being supportive of funding Lincoln’s school system at a responsible level. How then... more