TOM WARD - R.I. Housing projects don’t come cheap

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A few weeks ago I wrote of my support for the R.I. Housing agency’s saving of the historic Ashton Village, a group of duplex brick homes near the former Ashton Mill, now converted by a private party... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Add ethics oversight; Approve Question 2

Rhode Island citizens have something which they rarely get, namely, a second chance. Back in 1986 the state’s Constitutional Convention created an Ethics Committee which would be nonpartisan in... more

Letters to the Editor

Isn’t two-party system better for all residents?

I pen this letter not only as the Chair of the Cumberland Republican Town Committee, but more so as a concerned Rhode Islander. As I interact with people year-round, there’s never a shortage of... more

Call-Fregeau: Wagner is just a one-issue candidate

I normally would not write a letter like this but felt compelled after a certain District 1 Town Council candidate’s press release, in which he chose to attack me rather than offer his vision for... more

Town Council president supports Petrarca-Karampetsos for state Senate

As we approach the Nov. 8, 2016, election date, most of the residents of Lincoln have an opportunity to select a candidate to become our new senator for District 17. One of the candidates is Jina... more

Support for Santoro for House of Representatives

As a Rhode Islander I have grown increasing concerned with what is going on in our state. Every election season it seems that the same people get elected and nothing ever changes. The past couple... more

Does R.I. protect, and not deport, rapists?

Recently while perusing the R.I. Sex Offender list (just Google R.I. Probation/Sex offender list and click accept) to check on my town I discovered some rather alarming information. Were you aware... more

Invenergy plant discussion in Cumberland Oct. 27

My name is Wade Richmond, and I was born and raised in Woonsocket (and still have many relatives and friends living there). However I now reside in Burrillville. I am writing to you today, to urge... more

Do these cops’ lives matter?

Two Boston Cops got shot the other day. Not one street protest about how their lives matter. Not one demand for stricter controls on the kind of person who shot them or the weapons he used. No crowds... more

Is Cumberland solar farm another long-range disaster?

The taxpaying citizens of this town need to be concerned about the recently approved solar farm, its location, and the potential hazardous waste that could result as a consequence of its operation.... more

Anti-Chenevert conspiracy? I think not

In last week’s letters, Rick Singleton describes a sinister cabal arrayed against a good, independent-thinking man in the District 52 Democratic primary race for the General Assembly. But what really... more