ARLENE VIOLET - Colt Park ‘barn’ deserves new look

Quick! What was acquired 47 years ago as state property, then put into the hands of the predecessor of the current Department of Management (DEM) for development? What has remained virtually vacant... more

PAUL CARANCI - Today as in 1776, God should be at nation’s center

In the late 1700s a group of brave, insightful Americans fought the oppression resulting from the government’s confiscation of money from the voiceless. They rose up in the greatest of all... more

Letters to the Editor

NP schools need repairs, no matter what voters do

In last week’s column by Tom Ward, he stated that I am advocating for anarchy. This is a misrepresentation of the facts. During the November Town Council meeting, I reiterated that the Town Charter... more

Choose refugees carefully

Because refugees are given special treatment by the United States, the number of refugees admitted each year should not be set. Admittance should be on a case-by-case basis. Refugees have to prove... more

Dog park debate needs civility

I’d like to personally thank the members of the Smithfield Dog Park Committee for the long hours of dedication and hard work they have put into laying the foundation for a dog park in town. As... more

Please attend next week’s snow removal hearing

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, the Smithfield Town Council will be holding a public hearing regarding snow removal from the sidewalks in Smithfield. Last winter, I observed very few residents clearing their... more

Why Clifford backs town manager change

I am responding to the letters to the editor submitted last week by Anthony Guertin and Daniel Halloran regarding the charter proposal to change North Smithfield’s current government form to an... more

Flaherty responds to Guertin’s letter

I’d like to respond to statements made about me by Tony Guertin in his Nov. 18 letter to the editor titled “What motivates N.S. town manager move?” Regarding my support for the move to a hired... more

Cumberland’s PARCC test scores should sound alarm

While I believe that everyone connected to Rhode Island public education fully anticipated that PARCC test results would be far from stellar out of the gate, results were disappointing to say the... more

Pilgrims’ communal start led to failure, capitalism brought new abundance

Americans have many things to be thankful for this holiday season, including our freedoms, prosperity, and health. But our nation’s origin was far from this. Many have never heard why the Pilgrims... more