TOM WARD - Easy, fellas. Spend that Google money with care

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Well, I knew it was a long shot, but I'm sad to see that we won't get to take a one-hour drive to see the summer Olympic Games in Boston in 2024. I'm not sure if Bay Staters have been permanently... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Rhode Island is on a spending binge

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One way to improve the unemployment rate is to hire more government workers. That's what Gov. Gina Raimondo is doing. She recently unveiled plans to hire an additional 10 people to work for the... more

Letters to the Editor


A letter from the Monastery Preservation Alliance of Cumberland was mis-signed last week. Jayne (Guertin) Schlott's letter should have been signed with Jayne Guertin, as was customary in her previous... more

Orabona responds to McKinnon letter on zoning

I am writing this letter in response to George McKinnon's editorial that appeared in the July 2-8 edition of the Breeze. Unfortunately, Mr. McKinnon's letter is riddled with misrepresentations that... more

School work must be deliberate, approved

I am writing in response to the flawed and misleading letter to the editor on the building project for the schools in the Town of North Providence, authored by William G. Floriani July 22. As a Town... more

Cumberland made mistake in rejecting Monastery use

It’s always very disappointing to be sent packing, with your tail between your legs, especially when you, and others, have put in a substantial amount of time and effort on a project. This is... more