Political Ads

Political Advertising

Did you know that, in an independent audit, 85% of our readers, on average, told our polling firm that they WILL VOTE this fall? Our readers are engaged in our papers, community news, and government and leadership.


Advertising Rates in The Valley Breeze newspapers vary by edition. Rates and examples of sizes and prices are posted below. Please click on the appropriate edition for your ad.

Please Note: If you need to advertise in 2 Editions, you will receive 10% off the lower price of your two-edition ads. (Page 1 or Full, Half, and Quarter Page Ads, 10% off only).

Here are a few important points about us:

• Our office is now in Lincoln, at 6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 204, off Route 116 between Route 146 and Lincoln High School. We no longer have offices in Cumberland or Greenville.

• The contact person for political advertising is Rhonda Hanson (rhonda@valleybreeze.com. ) Call 334-9555 weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for help. If you plan to e-mail an ad to us, please CALL FIRST so you are directed to send it to the right place and we can handle your payment. Ads e-mailed without personal follow-up cannot be guaranteed to be in the paper.

• Our office has 24-7 voice mail, so you may leave messages anytime.

• All political ads must be paid for in advance. Cash, check, money order, or Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards are accepted.

• If you do not have access to a graphic artist, we will be happy to create your ads at no additional cost to you.

• All ads must have on them the source of payment. For instance: "Paid for by David Dewhurst for City Council Committee" or "Paid for by Friends of David Dewhurst."

• All advertising must pay an internet charge of $5 to $10 (depending on size). Your ad will then appear online, with live links to your web site, if you have one.


• The "best places" and "best weeks" in the paper are sold first paid, first served. Front page or back page ads are sometimes available; please call for details. If, for instance, you want your ad on "Page 2, with Color," your request will be considered based on the available space. Priority space can only be guaranteed to a full-page ad. That is, if you plan a smaller ad on Page 3, but a full-page ad request comes along, the full-page ad will take priority, your ad will be bumped to the next best space, and any premium additional costs that you paid will be refunded to you. On any page, the largest ad will have priority, even if it comes in later than yours.

• If a full page ad is purchased, we will make sure your opponent's ad is not on the opposite page.

• Your paid advertising and your free editorial press releases are separate matters, handled by separate departments, and there are no assurances of placement for your press releases. For press release information, Click Here.