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Dental Arts Group BABY TOOTH REVELATION Scientists and archeologists have long used dental analysis to glean information about ancient civilizations diets, lifestyles, and causes of death. Now, the study of teeth has shifted from the past into the future, as researchers try to determine what teeth may tell us about potential health risks. It has been discovered that children with primary teeth (baby teeth) that have thin enamel are at a higher risk of developing a mental health disorder. When researchers used high-resolution imaging to examine the exfoliated baby teeth of 37 six-year-old children and matched tooth-enamel thickness with behavior, they found that the differences in dimension and teeth quality were better predictors of mental health than thefactorsthatapsychiatristwouldnormallyconsider. At DENTAL ARTS GROUP, we stay on the leading- edge of dentistry, keeping up to date on the latest health studies and dental techniques, materials, and therapies to ensure all our patients receive the very best in dental health care. If you are looking for a family dentist who understands the needs of everyone in your family as individuals and patients, we welcome you to stop by 1136 Hartford Ave., Johnston, and get acquainted. Were sure youll leave with a good feeling about our practice. For an appointment, please call 401-521-3661. Of ce hours are Monday-Thursday 8a.m. to 4p.m.; Friday 8a.m. to 12p.m. P.S. The study mentioned above shows that dentists and health professionals in other disciplines mayhavemoreincommonthanonemightthink when it comes to diagnosing and treating illness.