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Dental Arts Group CROWNING ACHIEVEMENTS When the need to replace a severely damaged tooth with a tooth-shaped restoration known as a crown arises, patients have a number of options. Because all-ceramic crowns are metal-free, they offer a seamless and natural-looking choice. Although traditionally limited tothefrontteeth,theyarealsosuitableforotherareasof the mouth. However, for patients who clench their back teeth, gold crowns may be a better choice, where dura- bility trumps aesthetics. In addition, next to all-ceramic dental crowns, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns offer the next, most aesthetically pleasing choice. While the crownsmetalinteriorsomewhatdetractsfromthetrans- lucent quality of the tooth, the metal provides important support and durability that an all-ceramic dental crown cannot match. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep our patients happy, through innovative technology and techniques for crowns and other smile enhance- ments to comfortable surroundings that help our patients relax in a pleasant atmosphere. What has been keeping youfromkeepingontopofyourdentalpro le?Anxiety? Apprehension? Those are relics of the past at DENTAL ARTS GROUP, where we are committed to providing you with gentle dental care of the highest standards. Remember, a healthy smile lasts a lifetime. Of ce hours are by appointment at 1136 Hartford Ave., Johnston. Call401-521-3661. P.S. Dental crowns can be combined with a titanium implant, in cases where the entire tooth (including the root) has been lost.