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Dental Arts Group MARGINAL VIEW When wedge-shaped notches appear in teeth at the gingival margin (gumline), the cause is not always tooth decay. Instead, this loss of tooth structure is often attributed to bruxism (tooth grinding) or acid re ux that leads to tooth erosion. Called abfraction, not only does this disappearance of tooth structure pose a threat to the integrity of the tooth, but it is also often unsightly and painful. The rst step in treating abfraction is addressing the underlying cause, such as a night guard for bruxism and medication and lifestyle changes for acid re ux. The dentist then can x the aesthetic and structural aspectsoftheproblemby llingthemissingportionof the tooth with a tooth-colored bonding agent. believe that quality care requires constant, continuing education. From the latest in cosmetic procedures to halting bruxism to complete restorations, our patients trust us with their care, so we feel we owe it to them to share the knowledge we have learned and provide the most up-to-date treatment available. For personalized attention from dedicated specialists, we offer comprehensive dental care for the family at DENTAL ARTS GROUP, a collaborative practice committed to excellence. Please call 401-521-3661 for an appointment at 1136 Hartford Ave., Johnston. P.S. The bonding agent dentists use to repair teeth isacompositematerialthattakesafewminutesto apply, shape, and polish, and lasts for years. We never consider our training to be complete. We