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Fernando Cunha, Esq. FSC:mhl 2 3/20/19 STATE OF RHODE ISLAND PROVIDENCE, SC. OUTRIGGER REALTY, A RIGP VS. #0314 SUPERIOR COURT : : PM No. 19-4171 : : : : Suzanne D., and Samuel Lovett, : Trustees, NEWMARK REALTY, LLC, its : unknown and/or unascertained : members, GUILD FUNDING, RIGP, its : unknown and/or unascertained partners, : ASHLEY REALTY, INC., its unknown : and/or unascertained shareholders, : GENERAL ELECTRIC CREDIT CORP. ORDER OF NOTICE e above-titled cause, which is a Complaint praying to quiet title of the Plainti to the following described real estate: ose two certain lots of land with all the buildings and improvements thereon, situated on the northwesterly side of Verdi Street in the Town of North Providence, County of Providence, State of Rhode Island, laid out and designated as Lots No. 6 and 7 on that plat entitled, Wilbur Hill Plat No. 2 Town of North Providence, R.I. Belonging to William A. Gray And Others Surveyed and Platted By G.S. Bullock October 1920, which plat is recorded in the o ce of the Town Clerk in said Town of North Providence on Plat Card 90. 10 VERDI ST., NO. PROVIDENCE, RI ASSESSORS PLAT 4, LOT 658 and it appearing that there may be persons who may be interested in the above-described real estate and whose present whereabouts are unknown, all of said parties being Defendants in the above-titled cause, it is hereby ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that notice of the pendency of this cause be given by the Clerk of this Court once a week for two (2) successive weeks in e Valley Breeze, a newspaper published in the County of Providence, publication to be on the 12th day of June, 2019, and on the 19th day of June, 2019, to notify the said Defendants to serve an Answer to said Complaint upon the Attorney for the Plainti , Fernando S. Cunha, Esq., 48 East Manning Street, Providence, RI 02906. Defendants Answers must also be led with this Court in the O ce of the Clerk on or before July 10th, 2019. If they fail to do so, Judgment will be taken against them for the relief demanded in the Complaint, following the entry of their Default. ENTERED as an ORDER of this SUPERIOR COURT this 10th day of June, 2019. BY ORDER: ESTATE OF CHRISTOPHER M. AFRICO a/k/a M. CHRISTOPHER AFRICO, Nico Africo and Massimo Africo, Heirs-at-Law, CARL R. AFRICO, : PP PROPERTIES, INC. now : PP PROPERTIES, LLC, RAUL L. : LOVETT MARITAL TRUST, Nancy T., ENTER: _/s/ Long, M. ___ Associate Justice /s/ Susan M Diggins, Clerk