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Friends of Toto, LLC Q: What is the proper way to meet a dog for the rst time? A: Conventional wisdom has always been to hold your hand out to allow the dog to sniff you. In this case, the conventional wisdom is de nitely a bad idea. While it may seem like a passive approach, youve just given an aggressive dog a chance to have a hand sandwich! Humans are very rude by proper dog communication styles. If we want to put our best paw forward, the very best thing to do is to stand with your hands by your side and perpendicular to the dog. Do not make direct eye contact. Allow the pup to approach you and smell on their terms. If theyre fearful / shy / nervous and try to avoid you . . . the best thing to do is to respect that distance. If you force the dog to make contact, chances are theyll use the tools nature gave them to defend themselves from the threat. Be extra careful with introducing little humans to pups. Children have a tendency to want to engage the dog right away without getting the okay rst. Typically, thats a sure recipe for disaster! 245 Esten Avenue, Unit A Pawtucket, RI 02860 Phone: 401-722-8686