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Friends of Toto, LLC

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Friends of Toto, LLC When it comes to dogs and summer, how hot is too hot? By virtue of their coats and sensitive paws, dogs feel the heat much more than we humans do. Generally speaking, when a dog is active (e.g. running or playing), it should do so in at most 75F. At Friends of Toto, we keep our playrooms at a max temperature of 72F just to be extra safe. For outdoor activity, be mindful of the type of material your dog is walking on: the undersides of the paws are very sensitive pads can be burned by walking on hot concrete or other heat-absorbing surfaces. As with children, its never a good idea to keep a dog in a locked car on a hot day. Even with windows cracked, the temp can climb rapidly exposing the dog to fatigue, exhaus- tion, and stroke. Of course some breeds like bulldogs and pugs, can tolerate even LESS activity in the heat and will need even more close monitoring. Q: A: 245 Esten Avenue, Unit A Pawtucket, RI 02860 Phone: 401-722-8686