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Friends of Toto, LLC Why would daycare be bene cial to my dog? A: Dog daycare can be a great option for some dogs. Daycares provide outlets for dogs to relieve their natural desire to play and interact. It can help puppies learn canine social and anger cues that will set them up for success later in life. For own- ers that cannot be with their dogs for extended periods, daycares provide a remedy from the boredom and, per- haps, destructive tendencies that follow. It is important to note that daycare may not be suitable for every dog. Like people, dogs have varied personalities and likes. Some are comfortable in crowds while others prefer the affections of the human variety. Most daycares will perform a temperament test of some sort in an effort to understand if that daycare will be right for your dog. Ultimately, the safety and comfort of your dog should be the priority. Discuss the daycares observations to see if its a good t for your dog. Q: A: 245 Esten Avenue, Unit A Pawtucket, RI 02860 Phone: 401-722-8686