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Hanna's Color Center Q: A: be applied easier. In high moisture areas, such as bathrooms, these surfactants come to the surface when in contact with moisture. If the paint has not had the proper time to cure, surfactant leaching is more likely to appear, or if moisture remains on the newly, painted walls for a long period of time. Washing the surface when this occurs will solve the problem over time. Also make sure that your bathroom fan and ventila- tion system is adequate to dispel moisture. Benjamin Moore has some paint products that are made to resist surfactant leaching such as Kitchen & Bath Paint and Aura Bath & Spa. We have also found that a moisture resistant product like Corotechs Pre Catalyzed Epoxy works very well to prevent this sweating or weeping. Why do my newly painted bathroom walls look like they are sweating? You are probably describing a process called surfactant leaching. Surfactants are chemicals in latex paints and colorants that allow them to LEFT TO RIGHT--- Ben Bigelow, David Silvia (Owner), Richard Marsland 470 Central Avenue | Pawtucket, RI 02861 Tel. 401-725-6096 Fax 401-725-6135 HannasColor.com