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Hunter Insurance PROTECTING CUSTOMERS BELONGINGS Those in the business of cleaning and repairing things are continuously in the possession of their customers property. In such cases, the customer is creating a bailment, which is a transfer of possession without an accompanying transfer of title. As the bailee, the business owner must take care fo the property by exercising reasonable care. However, what would happen if a peril that was very much beyond the control of the business owner, such as a fire, were to result in the destruction of customer property? The answer is Bailees Customers Coverage. The best of these policies reimburses the customer no matter who was at fault. In the event of a problem, this helps ensure that customers remain customers. Along with theft and fire protection, a good bailees insurance policy coverage should also include protection from water damage, burglary, wind damage, explosion, lightning, and collision. HUNTER INSURANCE, INC. is a small business, so we know how to address the issues and concerns of similar companies. We even have insurance programs tailored for general contractors, funeral directors, and restaurant owners. For more information, please call 769-9500, or visit our Lincoln office at 389 Old River Rd. NOTE: Some businesses try to avoid liability for their customers property by having them sign liability waivers, but these contracts do not have legal standing if the property if the property is damaged or lost in any event except for negligence.