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Hunter Insurance SINGLE OR SPLIT LIMIT COVERAGE? When purchasing auto insurance, it is important to know the differences between single and split limit liability coverage. Single limit liability coverage provides one at amount for coverage limits that is applied for everyone involved in the accident. Split-limit coverage divides the coverage limits up over three areas: bodily injury per person, bodily injury for the accident, and property damage for the incident. While a single limit liability coverage policy will generally cover any claims that result from an accident, split limit liability coverage may be vulnerable to gaps between actual claims and limits on coverage. As a result, a personal injury lawsuit against the policy holder to recoup any unpaid expenses may place homes and businesses at risk. Which coverage is better? It really depends on the speci cs of the accident, and since no one can predict the future, the most imperative thing is to be sure that you have an adequate amount of liability coverage. For more information, please call HUNTER INSURANCE, INC. at 769-9500, or visit our agents at 389 Old River Rd., Lincoln. We currently represent insurance protection for more than 400 homes in Southern New England. We are able to offer you superior coverage at a competitive price. NOTE: It may take longer to resolve the claims of a single limit liability policy involving several different claimants.