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Loiselle Insurance Agency Does my insurance cover damage caused by frozen pipes? Home and businessowners insurance policies typically cover the damage resulting from a frozen pipe that bursts. In order for coverage to apply, many policies do require that you took reasonable measures to prevent the pipes from freezing, such as maintaining the heat to your home or business or you shut off and drained the water supply. Most policies cover damage to the building, such as walls, ceilings, or flooring. In addition, if the water damages contents, such as furniture or electronics, there is typically coverage for that. All claims are subject to your policy deductible before the insurance applies. There is typically coverage for: Repairs or replacement of damaged property Cost to access the pipe (such as tearing out a wall) Additional living expenses if the damage is so extensive that you are unable to stay in your home while the damage is being repaired There is typically NOT coverage for: Repair or replacement of the pipe itself Q: A: