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Michael's Meats Michaels Meats Family Owned and Operated Since 1972 CUMBERLAND 2130 Mendon Road, 401-305-5555 Find out whats on sale at www.Michaels-Meats.com This Weeks Specials Good From Thursday, December 6TH-Wednesday, December 12TH, 2018 ALL NATURAL, FRESH, GRADE A, WHOLE OR SPLIT ONLY CHICKEN 1 BREASTS$ .49 lb. WELL TRIMMED CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS $2.59 lb. USDA CHOICE CENTER CUT BOTTOM ROUND ROAST $3.99 lb. CERTIFIED ANGUS T-BONE $8.88 PORTERHOUSE STEAKS $9.98 STEAKS lb. FR lb. FRESH, GRADE A, BONELESS, SKINLESS CHICKEN THIGHS $1.99 lb. FResh PRODUce FROM OUR Deli ESH 45 CUCUMBERS ea. GOLDEN, SWEET 1 PINEAPPLES $ .99ea. MICHAELS $ .69 BREAKFAST 2 lb. PORK SAUSAGE PORK lb. LOIN END, AVG. WT. 3-4 LBS. SIRLOIN PORK LEAN GROUND $2.59 ROAST $1.97 lb. FRESHLY SLICED, BOARS HEAD ALL AMERICAN BARBECUE CHIC7 KEN BREAST $ .99 lb. 5-L B.BAG 1 WHITE $ .79ea. POTATOES CERTIFIED ANGUS, EXTRA LEAN 1-LB. BAG 99 BABY PEELED ea. CARROTS FRESHLY SLICED, KRETSCHMAR HONEY BAKED $ VIRGINIA HAM 4 .77 lb. MICHAELS CRABMEAT BLEND4 SEAFOOD SALAD $ .88lb. SATURDAY SPECIAL TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY SPECIAL SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8TH, 2018 only. TUES. & WED., DECEMBER 11TH & 12TH, 2018 only. BEEF ROUND STEW MEAT $3.99 lb. WILLOW TREE, 26-OZ., $3.99 WITH OR WITHOUT VEGETABLES ea. CHICKEN PIES NOw takiNg chRistMas ORDeRs Semi-Boneless Rib Roast Boneless Rib Roast Sirloin Strip Roast Tenderloin Roast USDA Leg Of Lamb Grade A Turkeys & Turkey Breasts Pork Crown Roasts Stuffed Pork Roasts Fresh Baked Fruit Pies Triple M Budaball Hams (Avg. Wt. Whole 12-21 Lbs.; Halves Avg. Wt. 7-11 Lbs.) Triple M Boneless Budaball Hams (Avg. Wt. Whole 7 Lbs.; Halves Avg. Wt. 3-3.5 Lbs.) Boars Head Holiday Hams Triple M Chefs Delite Tavern Hams Triple M Spiral Hams Cocktail Shrimp Stuffed Shrimp Millies Pierogis Fresh Ground Meat Orders Gift Certi cates Available Our Own Meat Pies FOR FASTER SERVICE PHONE IN ORDERS HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; (Wed. closing at 6 p.m.); Saturday 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.