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Michael's Meats Fresh, Grade a chicken Tender1 loins $ .99 lb. exTralean sirloin pork cuTleTs 2 $ .29 lb. cerTiFied anGus, boneless shell sirloin sTeak5 $ .99 lb. exTralean beeF round cubed sTeak $4.99lb. bay scallops 5 $ .99lb. exTralean, boneless pork $2.99 spareribs lb. Michaels all whiTe MeaT chicken salad $5.88lb. skinned/deveined seasoned/breaded oven ready $6.99 bay scallops lb. Fresh ProdUce FroM oUr deli beeF liver $1.69 lb. 2 lbs. all purpose yellow 69 onion ea. caliFornia navel oranGes $1.29 lb. Freshly sliced boars head iMporTed swiss cheese $6.77 lb. Freshly sliced, boars head blazinG buFFalo chicken breasT $7.99lb. 5 lb. baG, easTern white $1.79 potatoes ea. saturd a usda choice, TriMMed eye round $3.39 Fresh $3.99 blueberries pint ea. $2.99 lb. y special Fresh asparaGus Freshly sliced, kayeM, exTralean pasTraMi round orcornedbeeF $6.88 lb. tuesday/wedN sday special tues. & wed., November 19tH & 20tH, 2019 only. e saturday, November 16tH, 2019 only. roast lb. usda choice exTralean beeFround $ .59 shaved sTeak lb. 4 Now takiNg thaNksgiviNg orders Fresh Grade a Turkeys (avg. wt. 10-26 lbs.) Frozen norbesT Turkeys (avg. wt. 12-30 lbs.) Grade a Turkey breasTs (avg. wt. 6-16 lbs.) Triple M budaball haMs (whole 12-21 lbs. or halves 7-10 lbs.) Triple M boneless budaball haMs (whole 7 lbs. or halves 3 lbs.) boars head sweeT slice haMs (whole 5 lbs. or halves 2.5-3 lbs.) seMi-boneless or boneless rib roasTs Tenderloin roasTs Michaels Freshly Made iTalian or breakFasT sausaGe MeaT For sTuFFinG Fresh Ground beeF, pork and veal For sTuFFinG any coMbinaTion sTuFFed shriMp or cockTail shriMp Fresh baked FruiT pies our own sTore-baked MeaT pies For Faster service, phone in orders HOURS: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; (Wed. closing at 6 p.m.); Saturday 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Michaels Meats Family Owned and Operated Since 1972 CUMBERLAND 2130 Mendon Road, 401-305-5555 Find out whats on sale at www.Michaels-Meats.com This Weeks Specials Good From Thursday, November 14TH-Wednesday, November 20TH, 2019