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Musician's Corner Q: A: At what age should I start my child in music lessons? There are studies that show children as young as 3 years old having bene ted by engaging in musical studies. The results of these studies indicate that music lessons at this young age are a proven method of boosting the childs brainpower. Our many years of experience in providing music lessons to the community show that children differ in attention spans, desire to actually commit to learning an instrument, and temper- ament. When a parent comes to us with this question, we suggest trying one or two lessons on the instrument of their choice (provided that there isnt any size constraints or other issues preventing the child from handling the instrument properly) . On completion of the rst lesson, we then consult the instructor as to how the student conducted themselves during the lesson. The instructor will then inform us if student was attentive and able follow instruction, and if the student was able to comprehend the information provided by the teacher. We also encourage the parent to ask their child if they enjoyed the lesson experience. Only at the approval of both parent and teacher, do we proceed to the next lesson which is then evaluated in the same way. At this point, the parent usually has enough information to decide if they should continue the lessons or wait until the child is older. & Music Learning Center 1530 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence, RI 401-353-3805