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Musician's Corner

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Musician's Corner How old is too old to begin Q: learning a musical instrument? A: nally learning to play an instrument. Aside from learning to play the instrument of your choice, there are also bene ts that accompany involvement in music studies. It is proven that playing a musical instrument can help improve coordina- tion and memory to say nothing of being a form of relaxation or even meditation. And if you think that you are too old to learn then think again. Teachers notice that the adult student has better motivation and more focus than their adolescent counterpart. You will also discover that most music lesson facilities have a high percentage of adult enrollment, so there is no need to feel like you are the only one. If you have the desire then there is no reason to deprive yourself any longer because it is time to make music. & Music Learning Center It is stereotypical that learning a musical instrument is strictly an activity reserved for children. However, more and more adults are letting go of that preconceived notion and 1530 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence, RI 401-353-3805