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Seven Hills Foundation, RI SHARED LIVING PROVIDER Form oreinform ation,pleasecontact CaroleGroves,M M ;M BA O utreach C oordinator cgroves@ | 774-232-9293 Shared Living Providers are contractors w ho open their hom es to individuals w ith intelectualand/or developm entaldisabilities to provide living arrangem ents andassistwithlifeskilsdevelopm entandcom m unity integration.The Providerensures a w elcom ing environm entand integrates the individualinto their norm alroutine and day to day life activities. Minimum Qualification: Backgroundchecksandhom einspectionswilbedone.Shared Living Providerm ustalso agree to providerand contractor agreem ent. Providerm ustalso: B e 21years ofage orolder;and have valid drivers license;safe driving record;auto insurance;high schooldiplom a orG ED . R e s p o n s ib ilit ie s : Provide an environm entw here an individualw ilfeel w elcom ed;supported;and encouraged;nutrition based on individualneeds;guidance and/orassistance w ith personal hygiene skils;guidance and/orassistance w ith selection and purchasing ofclothing and accessory needs;guidance and assistance w ith m oney m anagem ent;guidance and assistance w ith m aintenance ofcom m unity relationships;assistance w ith coordination ofday services including em ploym ent; Ensure the provision of24 hoursupport;U se ofow n vehicle form edical,recreation,etc.