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Suburban Travel Q: A: personalized way. We at Suburban Travel take the time to get to know you and understand your approach to travel what you like to see and do, and in what style. Then we match these factors with your budget, schedule and our insider connections with the best travel providers. Its not only our job at Suburban Travel, but our passion to know the worlds greatest destinations inside and out. Our expertise and resources give you an insiders view when planning your next vacation. Andtherearenofees! ByvisitingSuburbanTravel, your local Travel Agency, you have the bene t of a personal concierge without the added cost. Planning a trip today can be confusing and time consuming. Let us at Suburban Travel put our expertise to work for you. PleasecalloneofourTravelConsultants, ChristyYoungor Karen Leclerc at Suburban Travel to start planning your dream vacation. Why should I use a travel agent when planning a trip? As travel professionals, we at Suburban Travel are here to answer your questions, and design a vacation perfect just for you. No website or cell phone app can do it our 1250 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904 401-723-6770 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Mon. - Fri.)