Town of Foster, Town Clerk

Town of Foster, Town Clerk

181 Howard Hill Road, Foster, RI 02825

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Town of Foster, Town Clerk NOTICE TOWN OF FOSTER GUN SHOP LICENSE RENEWALS Notice is hereby given by the Foster Town Council, being the Licensing Board in said Town under RIGL 11-47-38 & 39 of the General Laws of RI, 1956, as amended; and Foster Town Ordinances Article III, Division 2, Section 12-94 that the following named persons and corporations have applied to said Council for Gun Shop Licenses for the year ending December 31, 2019: Laurence Costa Mello, d/b/a Alarry Farm, 7 Rickard Road Keith LaFazia, d/b/a Rhody Outdoors, 2 Gold Mine Road Adam David Dacko, d/b/a Rte 6 Outpost, 52 Danielson Pike Leon DeFranco, d/b/a LJD Gun & Supplies, 9 King Road Certi ed Automotive Inc., d/b/a Steves Gun Shop, 66 Central Pike The above applications will be in order for a Public Hearing of the Foster Town Council, December 13, 2018, at 7:00 p.m., Benjamin Eddy Building, 6 South Killingly Road, Foster, RI, at which time and place all remonstrates may make their objections. Hard of hearing persons attending who require the services of an interpreter should call the of ce of the Town Clerk at 392- 9200 at least 72 hours in advance of said meeting. By Order of the Foster Town Council Susan M. Dillon Foster Town Clerk