North Providence

Local man's sticker-shock leads to farm purchase

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Philanthropist John Primeau was in the produce section of an area supermarket two summers ago when it hit him how "absurdly" expensive vegetables had gotten. At $3.50 to $4 for one... more

DeStefanis challenges Lynch for District 2 seat

Both candidates want better services
NORTH PROVIDENCE - Is the incumbent in Town Council District 2 "obstructing any and all progress" as his opponent says, or is he the "watchdog" who is filling a need for "checks and balances" in... more

New access road addresses Centredale School complaints

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NORTH PROVIDENCE - The longtime traffic headache at Centredale Elementary School should finally come to an end in 2014-2015, say town and school officials, with a new traffic configuration set to... more

Police looking at motive in Catalano murder

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Police Chief Paul Martellini says local investigators are keeping the door open on all possibilities as they look into the shooting death of Richard Catalano on Aug. 17. The... more

NP school officials try to balance use of fields as sports teams flourish

NORTH PROVIDENCE - With a severely limited amount of field space available in town, school officials are working on rearranging their field usage schedule in order to accommodate the growing number... more

Paint job final step in Town Hall upgrade

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NORTH PROVIDENCE - It was a major campaign theme of Charles Lombardi's back in 2007: If we can't get our own house in order, how can we cite others when they fail to meet the standards? Almost... more

Arnold named to North Providence Purchasing Board

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Town resident Gary Arnold was named to the North Providence Purchasing Board at a meeting of the Town Council on Aug. 5. Arnold, a frequent commenter on local government, is co-... more

Goho becomes assistant principal at Birchwood Middle

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Melissa Goho will take over as the assistant principal of Birchwood Middle School after Janine Napolitano left the position to become principal of Stephen Olney Elementary School.... more

Ruggerio gets 'Humane Hero Award' from Defenders of Animals

PROVIDENCE - Senate Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio has been presented with the Humane Hero Award by Defenders of Animals. Ruggerio, of Senate District 4 in Providence and North Providence, was... more

DeStefanis: 'Select few' are impeding town's progress

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Raymond DeStefanis, Democrat running for Town Council District 2 on Sept. 9, says that the town has been led for "far too long" by a "select few." "They have tried to convince us... more

Lynch says he's a 'watchdog' on finances

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Incumbent Town Councilor John Lynch, who is running for re-election in District 2, says he has been discussing local issues with residents as he continues his door-to-door campaign... more

Amoriggi questions financial feasibility of school rebuild plan

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Kenneth J. Amoriggi, candidate for the at-large School Committee seat, questioned in a press release whether the taxpayers of North Providence can afford the costs associated with... more

NP Pack 33 giving out first scholarship

NORTH PROVIDENCE - For the first time, the North Providence Cub Scouts Pack 33 will be offering a one-year paid scholarship for membership fees and dues to one recipient. Anyone who knows a deserving... more

Birthday Club

Sept. 1 Happy Birthday Tom Ward! From all of us at The Valley Breeze Sept. 9 Paul Peter Carnevale IV, Happy 3rd Birthday! Love, Mimi Sept. 21 Happy Birthday Donna Meehan! From your friends at The... more

Celebrate the end of summer at the Mancini Center

NORTH PROVIDENCE - The Salvatore Mancini Resource and Activity Center announces the following programs. The center's End of Summer Clambake and Game Night will be held Thursday, Aug. 28. The clambake... more