Blanket amnesty will worsen our problems

Blanket amnesty will worsen our problems

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

The numbers are too large. Race, religion, ethnicity - none of these matter. It's the numbers, pure and simple. Our population growth is unsustainable. We cannot provide education, health care, jobs, infrastructure - the list goes on. Almost all the growth is due to immigration (both legal and illegal.)

The 1986 amnesty (IRCA) for approximately 1.5 million illegal aliens eventually legitimized closer to 3 million persons. It also provided the impetus for the current illegal immigration problem with a government estimate of 11 million illegal aliens. My guess is this estimate is as bad as was the 1986 estimate. It could easily climb to 20 million. We're talking very large numbers!

Some politicians say, "we are a country of immigrants." Yes, we are! We are also a country of laws! This problem exists because illegal immigrants, and our politicians, violate our immigration laws.

Some will say it's a waste to have a student come here, obtain a great education, and then just return to their second- or third-world country. Why not keep them here to help America? The answer: They can help America (and their own country and people) by returning home and trying to help teach those countries the benefits of capitalism, democracy, and freedom; the tools that have made America great.

We need to have learned from the 1986 Amnesty that amnesty doesn't work! We also need our "representatives" to put on their "big boy pants" and enforce the rules we now have in effect.

Yes, most Americans favor immigration reform. Some favor increasing immigration numbers by expanding family re-unification, student/work visas, and other means. Others want lower immigration numbers in times of slower economic growth and job creation. Some businesses (OK, many!) favor an enlarged workforce to drive up competition for jobs and drive down their costs for labor.

Our immigration laws need to be enforced to provide the protections those laws intended. Amnesty is wrong! The numbers are too large and the consequences too great! Don't let it happen.

Much of this was gleaned for two websites: and . And a great video at by Roy Beck (immigration gumballs 2010).

Bill Perry


Perry leads Cumberland's Tea Party.