Center kicks off ‘Child Care Union 101’ awareness campaign

Center kicks off ‘Child Care Union 101’ awareness campaign

Sessions planned for Saturday

PROVIDENCE – Representatives for the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity have announced that they will conduct a series of "Child Care Union 101" seminars on Saturday, Sept. 20, for home child care providers.

The sessions are designed to raise awareness among providers who will participate in an upcoming election about whether or not to accept the Service Employees International Union as their exclusive union representative.

The center has received funding to launch a public awareness campaign, with the goal of reaching as many of the 580 providers as possible “to provide them with important information before they vote,” according to a news release.

The campaign, which kicked off with a postcard mailer this past weekend to providers, will also include social media and telephone outreach.

The private seminars for home child care providers will be conducted by Jennifer Parrish, a child care provider who for years has been organizing providers in Minnesota, and whose organization, the Coalition of Union Free Providers, is partnering with the Center for Freedom and Prosperity to provide information about the impact that unionization may have on the family child care profession. According to Parrish, "when providers have access to this information, they overwhelmingly oppose unionization."

The three "Child Care Union 101" seminars will be held:

• From 10 a.m. to noon at the Riverside Library, 475 Bullocks Ave. #3, Riverside. This seminar is bi-lingual.

• From 1 to 3 p.m. at the Cranston Knights of Columbus Hall, 1047 Park Ave. #3, Cranston.

• From 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the North Providence Public Library, 1810 Mineral Spring Ave. in North Providence.

Providers can RSVP by visiting

Earlier this week, the Center for Freedom and Prosperity published a report introducing the concerns that unionization may cause for taxpayers, service providers, and other small business owners. The full report can be viewed at at