New Courtesy Kia will be largest in New England

New Courtesy Kia will be largest in New England

Courtesy Kia is currently located at 1060 Washington St., South Attleboro, near I-95, sharing space with Courtesy Mitsubishi. Courtesy is now building a new Kia-designed "Gallery Program" dealership about a mile north of the current dealership, near Atlantic Family Golf Center. When Kia is completed early next year, the Mitsubishi dealership will remain at this location.

ATTLEBORO, Mass. - The owners of the Courtesy Auto Group are at it again, building what they say will be their fourth location and the largest Kia dealership in the region on Newport Avenue in South Attleboro.

"We have a goal of being the number one Kia dealership in New England," said Steve Silva, corporate general manager at Courtesy.

He added that the 29,800-square-foot Newport Avenue facility will have the advantage of an "excess number of cars" and a "better inventory."

The company's new and used Kia line will move from 1060 Washington St. in South Attleboro to the new dealership just up the street from the Atlantic Golf Center, said Silva.

The move will allow the company to make the Washington Street dealership into an exclusive headquarters for Mitsubishi cars.

Two other Courtesy dealerships, Courtesy Hyundai at 939 Newport Ave. in Pawtucket, and Courtesy Ford at 455 Providence Road in Brooklyn, Conn., will remain in place, said Silva.

According to Silva, owner John Martins and others have wanted to expand the Courtesy brand for at least the last couple of years, and a new facility on Newport Avenue presented the perfect opportunity to do so.

"We feel it's a great location," he said. "We've had a good relationship with the Attleboro and Pawtucket area and we want to continue that relationship."

Company executives would like to have the new dealership up and running "tomorrow," said Silva, but the first realistic deadline for completion appears to be the early days of 2014. For more about Courtesy, visit .

Courtesy Kia is building a new state-of-the-art car dealership on Newport Avenue, South Attleboro, at the corner of Horton Avenue. It will be the first new Kia-designed dealership in the company’s "Gallery Program" in New England, according the Courtesy’s General Manager Steve Silva. Here, Mark Mecure, a vice president and partner with general contractor A. Ricci of North Providence, stands in front of the 29,800 square-foot facility now under construction. Work at the site began in July, and is expected to be finished early next year, weather permitting. (Breeze Photos by Tom Ward)